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How do I make my daughter's wedding at the courthouse special?

Asked by lmerri (22points) November 11th, 2009

The ceremony will be at the courthouse but I want to do something memorable for my daughter and her husband to celebrate their marriage. Any great ideas that won’t break the bank?

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Tell them they are about to embark on the greatest journey of their lives.

You could also take a lot of pictures and make them a book of the photos that’s ready when they return from honeymooning.

Or, how about getting a musician to play their song right there in the court? The judge/official will be all like, ‘this is highly irregular’ and you’ll be like, ‘they’re totally in looove though!’ and he/she will be like, ‘O Rly? OK then.’ eh? :)

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You could do either a video or written book where you ask friends and relatives to give advice (in general not on the couple’s relationship) on how to have a long lasting relationship. Also for them to say how much they love the new couple.

Also after the courthouse you could do a candle lighting ceremony or something sweet like that.

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you could call ahead and ask if you can bring in a few flower arrangements and place them around where they’ll stand before they actually enter the room so it’ll be a bit of a surprise. Also, bring bird seed to throw or bubbles to blow at them outside the courtroom. Ask the people at the courthouse if you can have a little CD player to play the wedding march… that could be cute too.

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Both sets of my grandparents were married at the courthouse. They had a little reception afterwards with friends/family at their homes. This was back just after the Depression, so I know they didn’t spend $$$ a matter of fact, one grandma got married in a light green “Easter” dress during her Jan wedding, and that gramps had to borrow money from a BIL to pay the judge.

Think “church lady” food at a home to celebrate.

If this isn’t what you had in mind, maybe you could pay for a nice dinner and hotel stay for after wards.

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Maybe hire a photography student from a local school to take some professional-looking photos?

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Pass something of yours onto your daughter. An old necklace or bracelet. You could also buy some flowers for her to hold during the ceremony. Even if it’s just a little bow for her hair. Write them a list of hopes you have for them- perhaps some knowledge you’ve learned- wrap a pretty ribbon around it and present it to them. Sometimes the small things are what stick.

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Have an instant wedding reception-lite after the ceremony, either at someone’s house or at the nearest public place from the courthouse that you can do a champagne toast at. Champagne don’t forget to clink the glasses to make the newliweds kiss, a First Dance with romantic recorded music surrounded by applauding family, a small cake, a family member taking photos or if possible video…
Try to incorporate a scaled down version of as many wedding traditions as you can think of that she’ll allow you to include. The wedding couple may laugh and roll their eyes a bit, but I bet they’ll thank you later.

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Sorry if this has been suggested, but throw a surprise reception !

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Has she expressed interest in a reception? Perhaps after the ceremony you can have close friends and family to your house (or near by relative’s house) for dinner, music, and gifts or well-wishes. You can get her a modest cake with a little bride and groom on top. There are even some inexpensive favors you can make for guests.

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For our courthouse ceremony, it was nice just to have my family there in their suits and dresses, and we all went out for a nice lunch afterward at a special restaurant. My mom brought a cake and a big bottle of champagne, and my father gave a toast. It was a ery happy and memorable day :)

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Hire some medieval minstrels to play a cheerful tune as the newlyweds come outside! Oh, wait that’s what I want at my wedding.

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My husband and I were married in a courtroom – specifically it was the courtroom of the judge who employed my husband as a bailiff. We put the family in the jury box and friends in the public seats, and we had another friend play music before the ceremony and during the march from the jury room to in front of the judge’s bench. We brought several vases of flowers that we set at strategic points, and we followed the ceremony with a brief round of picture-taking by another friend who was a professional photographer.

Since the judge was “our” judge he refused payment, so we presented him with a special gift. In addition to being a District Judge, he was also a lawyer for the Navy (Red-Jag One, in fact) and ran the local Sea Scout Ship, so we presented him with a bosun’s whistle engraved with the sentiment “A Knot Well-Spliced” so he piped us out of the courtroom.

We then had a reception at my place of work, using the same vases of flowers to decorate the table where the cakes were, and having a buffet so folks could eat whenever and as much as they wanted.

Perhaps you can add in a few surprise personal touches – you might talk to either the judge or his clerk about what you could do. Judges generally like to do weddings – it is one of the few things they do where everybody wins. And sometimes their staff likes to gussy things up a bit.

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