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How and where might I find marketing information on a cosmetic company?

Asked by ava (977points) February 12th, 2008

I am doing a project for school where I have to invent a new line for an existing cosmetic company and then market it. It would help if I could find existing factoids like the age range of buyers, average income etc…. The company I am focusing on is Chanel. Any help would be much appreciated!

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I would suggest contacting Chanel directly to get this type of information. Explain that you are doing a project from school and need some help with the facts you are looking for.

Another source of some free reports is A.C. Nielsen.

They have quite a few current research reports. Health, Beauty, and Grooming March 2007

And another report on Consumer and Designer Brands from 2006

These reports will be able to provide you with some interesting facts about the above topics at a global consumer level, not just the USA.

Good Luck!

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Also try looking at the places where Chanel advertises right now. What kinds of magazines? If it’s Cosmo, you can safely say that Chanel’s target market = Cosmo’s target market. What kinds of celebrities are in the ads? Fans of the celebrity = Chanel’s target market.

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