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Where's the flower district in Buffalo, New York?

Asked by breedmitch (12171points) November 11th, 2009

I’m doing flowers for a good friend’s wedding. If it were here I’d just go up to west 28th and get what I needed. But it’s not. It’s in Buffalo. I’m looking for wholesale, so don’t give me the name of your favorite florist.
Do other cities have a centralized flower district? Does yours? (for future reference)

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Flower providers bloom outside old flower district: Oak Street strip once was center of flower industry.

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So outside Oak Street Strip?

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I’m confused. Your first post seems to be the title of an article from the Buffalo News from 2007, and your second post is a google map search for wholesale florists. Do you have any actual experience in Buffalo?

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Yes, I have experience in Rochester(where I lived ) and in Buffalo(as a frequent visitor) ... but NEVER evaluating your requested ‘wholesale florists’.

Please ignore the map and names of wholesale flower vendors at your leisure. I’ve prevented none of the Buffalo Flutherites from responding as they wish…<g>

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