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Can a womens lacrosse goalie head(net) be baggy?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) November 11th, 2009

In woman’s lacrosse the net can’t be baggy, so I was wondering if a woman’s lacrosse goalies net can’t be baggy? All the heads look the same to me online, so I can’t tell if its tight or baggy. Please help

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So you decided to try for goalie then? good on you :)
I play mixed, which is techinically by girl rules, and the guys have to use tight nets on the field, but the goalies use loose ones, so I assume in girls lacrosse the goalie nets are loose.

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I don’t know, at all. But I keep my chin strap on my bike helmet loose.

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The pocket on the goalie’s stick can be twice as deep as the pockets on all other women’s sticks. The rule for normal sticks is one lacrosse ball deep, so when the ball is sitting in the deepest part of the pocket, you must be able to see the top of the ball over the stick’s sidewall.

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yes, there is a rule about how many balls can fit in a goalies net or something like that. I used to play lacrosse goalie and never ran into a problem

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I was goalie for women’s lacrosse and no, they are not tight, but not extremely baggy either. Look online and I’m sure you’ll find the official rules and regulations.

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