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Who is the best headshot photographer in Los Angeles for a twenty-something female?

Asked by imagine401 (51points) December 25th, 2006
Not looking to spend more than about $500 for the session. I have done some research but would love to hear recommendations and personal experiences. My agent recommended Paul Smith, who I may go to.
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I recommend Theo & Juliet ( but they're more expensive.
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I would recommend David Habif at Base package for headshots starts at about $250 and you get 2 looks out of it. The thing is you don’t really get just 2 headshots. He just keeps shooting you until he is happy with what you’ve produced. I went in for the 2 look thing and got about 4 out of it, he touched them up while I was there too and he is the best retoucher I’ve ever seen. He got his training from optimizing like tens of thousands of medical images. He just loves people and treats headshot photography like its a real art. I love him!!

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Hello, I have shot with several photographers in LA over the years and I always shop around a while. I shot with and got allot of great pics for only $200 with no limit on looks or time. Check out the pics on the web and compare.

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I think that Michael Roud Photography is one of the best headshot studios in la. He is super professional and laid back and his hair and makeup artist is excellent.

My agent loved the pictures and she even picked me up theatrically shortly after. I think that the pictures helped sway her. I have been going out on auditions almost ever day now. He is a truly talented artist who has helped jumpstart my career.

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I found his video super helpful. YouTube Michael Roud photography and click the video with the buff guy on it.

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