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Does a reprisal after parrying require a shield to do so?

Asked by Axemusica (9430points) November 12th, 2009 from iPhone

I was talking about game mechanics the other day & I brought up how in a game that we’ve all played the option to parry with an immidiate reprisal is only avalible with a sword &  a small shield. Wielding a weapon two handedly this option is absent.

The person argued that it’s not physically possible to do so. Granted if he was talking about huge two handed weapons like, a great sword, a giant mallet, or a battle axe, but he was talking in general.

To me, I see reprisal after parrying possible with a short sword or a bastard sword or a katana with or with using a shield.

What does fluther think?

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Do you mean “repost”?
That’s a fencing maneuver and requires no shield.

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You’re probably looking for Riposte (sorry @The_Compassionate_Heretic, not repost). Riposte is a response after parrying. A reprisal is a response after being hit.

Parrying is just the act of avoiding an attack. While a shield certainly helps to avoid attacks, doesn’t sound necessary. People riposte in fencing, and [I think] they don’t use shields in fencing.

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I did mean riposte, I couldn’t remember the word.

Funny you say fencing, because he said, “Parry then riposte” and I brought up fencing and he said it wasn’t physically possible.

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Yup. Well, * puts on nerd glasses * In world of Warcraft you don’t need a shield to parry! Bear tanks can parry and they can’t wear shields. So, I/you/we win!

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@Sarcasm haha, yes! Even though I meant actual and not in game. I always picture this maneuver being easiest with a katana.

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@Sarcasm Thanks. I’m more familiar with the maneuver than the spelling of it. heh

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