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I need help confirming the identity of Andy Breckman?

Asked by uniquenewyork (295points) November 12th, 2009

Is the Andy Breckman that recorded the song “Railroad Bill” the same Andy Breckman listed as the creator of the TV show “Monk” on IMDB? Any help is appreciated.

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I don’t know the answer but I LOVE Monk

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I would check or wikipedia. they’re almost sure to have the answer.

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I checked IMDB, but there’s no word of his music career. Thanks!

@RedPowerLady – me too!

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Yes. Monk is on his Wikipedia page. At the bottom, under Discography, Don’t Get Killed is listed. Then look his name up on Gladfly’s website and it shows that “Railroad Bill” is on Don’t Get Killed.

This article references his folk singing and this blog gives more detail.

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Same guy according to Wikipedia.

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But there are still a lot of factual errors on Wlikipedia, even though not as many as before. I would look for another source for corroboration to be sure.

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