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Americans: What do you do about the things in our country that you don't like?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21461points) November 13th, 2009

I hear a lot of Americans complain about all the awful place we live in and how corrupt the government is, but what I rarely hear is what these people are doing about the problems in this country. So, what are you doing about the issues you have with the United States?

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Getting out of debt, stocking up on ammo, and conserving my resources.

Taking care of my home and the little bit of land it occupies is doing my part.

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For starters I voted for Obama.

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I vote, I contact my representatives when I strongly agree or disagree with something they’ve voted on, I support initiatives on the issues I’m concerned about, and I encourage people around me to do the same.

Now all I need is to become rich so I can be a lobbyist and make real changes.

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We write our representatives regularly. We recycle. We pick up neighborhood trash. We take things upon ourselves rather than waiting for imaginary white knights to come rescue us and solve all our problems.

@SuperMouse : Hahaha… you voted for Obama then stocked up on ammo? :)

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@ubersiren yep, then built a bunker and bought a pith helmet and a bullhorn! ~

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I bitch.

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The fundamentalists.
All of the laws regarding victimless crimes.

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I actively recruit freedom fighters for my militia so that we can be prepared for the inevitable day of mass insurrection here in America. When I’m not doing that, I’m proudly serving in my country’s military and making sure that I’m protecting the rights that give all Americans (and Jellies) the freedom do what they say they’re doing here in this thread.

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I concentrate most of my efforts at the most fundamental level: dispelling delusion.

First my own, of course, because I need to be sure that I’m seeing things as they truly are, unclouded by my prejudices and selfish concerns. This is an on-going and arduous process. I need to assure that my actions are rooted in clear insight, not self-interest.

Second, by doing whatever I can to help others do the same. I have full confidence that from clear insight comes right action. There’s no need to tell people what to think. Just give them the tools and the encouragement to see clearly into the nature of things, and they’ll stand for what’s right. I do this by helping run a Zen temple.

And then, of course, I vote.

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@Bluefreedom where do I sign up?

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@SuperMouse. I’ll send you an application packet. =)

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you first have to give me a guarantee on the amount of virgins i get after i blow myself up for your cause

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I educate myself on the issues. I have run into far too many people (especially recently) who hear one “fact” and cling to it, getting more and more worked up without understanding the issue in its complete context. I vote and will contact my representatives when needed.
Perhaps most importantly, I work to help the next generation get it right.

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I’ve worked at the local level to write new legislation. I keep active in local policy making and educate myself about local issues.

At least once per month I contact a legislator by email or phone about how I’d prefer they vote on a particular bill. I also contact them to create new laws or re-write ones already on the books.

I never bitch about anything without actively doing something to create change. Furthermore, anyone who does bitch around me (family/friends) will get an earful if they aren’t pursuing change.

I vote every time there’s an election. I don’t believe National voting is more important than local voting. I’ll never understand why people don’t vote for local policy makers.

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If I bitch about America, don’t assume like the Republicans did during the Clinton administration that those who complain do so because they hate America. I love my country, but sometimes, the things that get done in the name of freedom strike me as dishonest. One is that we can solve a problem by throwing tax payer money at it.

I am the first to tell you I defend the rights of ALL Americans to believe as they see fit. Freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom to raise your kids any way you think is in their best interests. I also take plenty of time out of my life to thank each and every military veteran I meet. I vote for the people whose views mirror my own.

I do however take umbrage at the people who want a Nanny State. Any government that can give you everything you want can also take it all away from you. I believe we all should honor the rule “Personal Accountability”. The dumbing down of America has made us the laughing stock of the rest of the world. In my state, it is nearly impossible to get a concealed carry permit, unless you are in law enforcement. Yet, the thugs, gang bangers, and drug dealers drive around, fully armed, and end up shooting up the neighborhoods because of some abstract concept called turf.

I think the criminals might be a little less likely to carjack little old ladies or to commit a crime if they were aware that the civilian population just might end up shooting back at them. A well-armed, well-trained, gun safety-conscious population would go far to preventing a lot of the crime that we have to put up with in America.

Felons are not supposed to have guns, yet many of them do. Sure, when they get caught, they go to jail (again), but what if prior to getting caught they have killed someone’s kid with a stray bullet during some drive-by shooting? That kid isn’t brought back to life because the thug is now going to jail, is it?

Yeah, I bitch about things in America, but I also work to help change things, by voting, and by talking to people.

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I voted for obama as well, and when there is something going on I try to get the word out about it if its important.

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Ignore them and hope that they’ll go away.

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I volunteer, educate, and participate in activism. I also vote. And, yes, I will admit that I bitch. lol

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I vote, I volunteer, I donate time, money and stuff to various causes, I show up at community meetings and voice my opinion, and I write letters to the editor. Sometimes I just dedicate my life to being an example of what I think people should be, but some of that is to convince my kids to do the same.

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