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is there a way to get unlimited texting on the iPhone?

Asked by sam (83points) February 12th, 2008 from iPhone

know of any tricks or bypasses?

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I have unlimited. You should be able to get it for like $20 month.

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If you do not want to pay the extra money to AT&T, you can use this web app (hoping that you have the unlimited data plan that seems to be standard)

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Pay for it?

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I have it. Its an extra $20 a month but well worth it cuz you’ll never have to keep track of sent or recieved messages.

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@mirza – with that site, there is no way to keep a recordif your texts, is there?

I pay $10.00 for 1500 texts/month, and $20.00/month for unlimited texting for my son’s iPhone. I’m mad that AT&T doesn’t allow iPhone customers to get the Family Unlimited package for $30.00 month, but I am rarely close to 1500 anyway.

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Yes hearkat , that’s the downside of using a web-based free texting service. But it’s free.

On a side note , the hacked iPhone actually has an application that lets you track and manage free texts like the iPhone’s default texting service. Once apple launches the iphone sdk, i would not be surprised if someone made an application that lets you text for free.

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