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What size collar for Welsh Terrier puppy?

Asked by leduxity (45points) November 13th, 2009

We’re picking up our 8 week old Welsh Terrier puppy next week. What size collar should be bring? Thanks!

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Take them to the store and try them on. It’s hard to guess and you don’t want one they can slip out of. :)

If you really have to have one for picking her/him up, I’d get the smallest size possible.

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I suggest a harness instead of a collar if you’re planning on walking it. Puppies always tend to choke themselves not understanding the concept yet. It’s hard to guess the size of the puppy, but if you’ve already met him/her you can probably guess correctly.

A good website about sizing

Also, if you choose the route of a collar, make sure you can place two fingers between the collar and their neck. Puppies do not like strange, new things so he might scratch at it, but it doesn’t mean it itches just that he wants it off. Puppies usually like the leash even more than the collar.

Make sure you check your puppies collar often as he grows and make sure it never gets too tight.

Good luck with your puppy!

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@sarahboreal Has a GA! A harness is safer, since the pup may slip out of part of it, but not all of it. I would also recommend a Slip Lead for a quick exit for potty training.

If you’re picking the pup up from a breeder, most breeders have an assortment of tiny collars and harnesses for purchase.

Welcome to Fluther & Congrats on the new pup, too!

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Thanks, everybody! I thought the Cesar Milan preferred collars for training but I don’t want the little guy to get away. And the slip collar will definitely make going outside quicker.

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@leduxity Puppy pads are life savers, as well. The Milan collars are great once the pup reaches adult size.

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I start pups with a choke chain from day one. They can learn how to heel in about 3 minutes and they give you the best control. Nor can they slip out of them. Keep it snapped onto the end of the leash, then it is always there when you need it.

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Please don’t start a puppy with a choke chain. The youngest age one should ever be used is 6–8 months old.

Also a good link about choke chains

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I have trained hundreds of dogs of all ages using choke chains, none ever were injured. You can use a choke and train them in 3 minutes so walks from that point on are pleasurable for you and the dog. Or you can use other methods which take much longer and can be exacerbating for man and dog.

Virtually all dogs used for police or military are trained and wear choke chains because they don’t have time to play at training and can’t afford to have a dog that is not under complete control.

There are 3 dogs lying at my feet as I type, all were trained with and wear choke chains, I don’t think their psyches are damaged, they seem okay to me

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I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but promoting it with certain people could be a bad idea. If you are going to promote it give proper information on it so that the person training them will not harm their dog. Because I have personally seen dogs injured from choke chains with people not understanding the concept.
It’s unnecessary to use one. I know plenty of people who raise and train dogs, my neighbor is an officer who has a dog that he trained himself without a choke collar and she just as good or even better than police dog.
We can argue this all day, but I stand where I stand and so do you.

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So you think the person asking the question is an idiot who could not figure out that if you pull on the choke until the dog strangles and keels over, that is not good?

I am going on my personal experience as a trainer. I truly do not understand how a choke chain can be more harmful than a buckle collar, both are around the neck. What makes one more harmful or cruel than the other (other than strangling which can actually occur with either style)?

Harness is the softest and I use them on my dogs because my dogs are well trained and I can control them verbally, but they are not helpful on an untrained dog because they offer little control.

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As amazing as it sounds, not all human beings use their brain with these things. I said certain people, and certain people do not figure out that when the dog keels over that it’s not good. They for some reason think that it’s ‘part of the process’.

I’ve met a few dogs at our local pound that have been ‘abused’ by the choke collar and regular collars. That’s why I have such a distaste for it, even though it’s not the collars fault it’s the idiot of an owner. If you noticed at the beginning I suggested the use of a harness, I’m not a fan of collars at all.

Both are equally dangerous when not used properly, I agree completely.

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Even better, here link

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Well perhaps we should ask @leduxity if they are an idiot or not?

So @leduxity, if you are an idiot, don’t get a choke collar or buckle collar. Get a harness but do not let your dog pull you out in front of an oncoming car when he is wearing it. You have to be alert because you will have very little control over the dog and you will go where he wants to go.

Let’s hope your pup isn’t an idiot who would drag you into the street!

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Okay. Sarcasm. Funny, amazing. Yay.
Like said, check out the link. It doesn’t take a choke collar to train a dog. If you don’t use a choke collar your dog won’t inevitably run out in front of traffic.

And @leduxity I don’t think you’re an idiot at all, you seem knowledgeable as does @rooeytoo You’ve obviously researched about your puppy and I bet you would be perfectly fine with a collar or choke chain.

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Congratulations on your choice of puppy. We have a four year old Welshie, and he is a great dog who is loved by everyone. He is the best dog I ever had. The first year is rough. After that, it’s a great journey.

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Thanks to everyone for all your opinions! I would be nervous using a choke collar since I haven’t had a dog before, but I’ll check with the breeder to see what she thinks. Thanks again!

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