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Best way to keep romaine fresh?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) November 13th, 2009

I can’t win. I buy romaine, put it in the fridge, and it freezes and gets nasty. I think, “Hm, I will buy bagged romaine” and when I open it, it’s one foot in the garbage can already. What’s the best way to keep a head of romaine fresh, assuming it’ll be gone at most in four days?

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I have the same problem with spinach. I would love to hear some solutions. Anxiously awaiting other answers.

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If it’s freezing, where are you storing it?

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It freezes in your refridgerator? I’ve never had any lettuce freeze in my fridge, maybe you should turn it down?

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As soon as you get it home, wash it. That doesn’t mean just run it under the faucet. Fill your (clean) sink with cold water, and pour the whole bag out into the sink. Let it soak. For 30 minutes. Drain it. Completely. Using a salad spinner. Wrap it up in paper towels, to absorb any more moisture. If you must make the leaves smallers, rip, do not cut. Put the paper-towel-wrapped lettuce in a ziplock bag. Use a straw to suck all air out of the back as you zip it up. Put the bag in the refrigerator.

I got this methodology from the Food Network show “Good Eats”. I’ve had romain stay good for 3–4 weeks doing this.

Also, if your lettuce is actually freezing in your refrigerator, your refrigerator’s temperature is set too low.

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Rebecca Romijn still seems to stay fresh to me.

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the thing with the fridge is, the only time it’s bad is the lettuce. No other veggies freeze, and it’s nearly miraculous how long foods keep in my fridge. You would not believe how long milk and meat stay good. So it doesn’t seem worth it to me to turn the fridge down just for the lettuce. Maybe I’ll have to cave and start keeping it upstairs in my mini-fridge.

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Romaine Fielding has been dead for many years now. No wonder he’s no longer fresh.

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I saw a friend of mine put it in a paperbag then in a plastic one before she put in in the fridge. She always has the best salads so maybe there is something to that.

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Try washing it, pulling all the leaves apart. Then wrap it in cloth towels, roll up and put in the frig. That’s how I keep romaine fresh and cold for a Caesar salad later in the day. If your lettuce is freezing though, might just have to buy it fresh and eat it that day.

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Dry it well, slip it into a ziplock storage bag along with one sheet of paper towel, and put the bag in your crisper. If you leave it wet it will get mushy.

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sfinkle, that’s exactly how I do it for lizard food. It’s the best way to keep it fresh. I usually can keep dandelion greens good for about 5 or 6 days that way.

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