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What are some alternatives to a turkey-laden Thanksgiving dinner?

Asked by Lacroix (537points) November 13th, 2009

We love meat, I was just wondering if anyone had any great recipes for other things that I could serve at a Thanksgiving dinner as the main course.

Recipes for side dishes are great too, of course.

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what?? no turkey?? boogers to you. to me thanksgiving dinner is all about the turkey (and the dessert of course)

A lot of people serve ham instead. Although I prefer turkey. I’ve also heard of duck.
I’m not sure what a vegetarian option would be, to be honest I’m mentally stuck on turkey.

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Well, you could be influenced by the British tradition and go for a Prime Rib Roast. It is elegant enough for the holiday.

My family loves ham, and always does a ham for one holiday or the other usually Christmas.

Do you like lamb? I love roast leg of lamb for a holiday dinner.

Really, anything you like can be made festive. We had a baked pasta dish at the home of friends a couple of Thanksgivings ago. It was wonderful.

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Game hens are quite popular.

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@RedPowerLady Good reminder. I have done both duck and roast goose with good results (except we ran out of goose, because there were a lot of hungry people there).

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Do what I do. Have a Tofurkey -laden Thanksgiving dinner.

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@Marina I’ve never had either but should try it sometime, it sounds delicious.

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The Bin- laden dinner. not so desirable as it invloves jet fuel and fires.

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I was vegetarian for years and made a great cashew-red pepper loaf for holidays.

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A Turkey-laden Thanksgiving Breakfast.

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One year we had a smaller gathering and made individual cornish hens for each person. They are sooo juicy and tender because they’re small and cook much faster. Shellfish were also served at the first Thanksgiving, right?

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@faye That sounds delicious! Would you share the recipe?

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One year I made a crown roast of pork with a bread stuffing. There were only 4 adults and a three year old at that meal. My father must have eaten three servings, smacking his lips and he was in the restaurant business for over 40 years.

The butcher split the rack and tied it properly for us. It was not cheap but seeing my father enjoy that meal was worth every nickel.


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I’ve never prepared a Turkey in my own home, on purpose. Instead I’ve enjoyed a whole bunch of other good meats:

*Roasted rabbits stuffed with wild rice, dried figs and apricots roasted in the pan alongside- molasses/soy/cracked black pepper

*Pheasant- bread stuffing mixed with crumbled sausage, pine nuts, dried cranberries, diced dried shitake mushrooms, glaze of oil from a jar of herbed feta cheese chunks

*Goose- asian plum sauce glaze, kumquats, fresh figs, wild rice stuffing

*Ducks- Cranberry/Marmalade glaze or homemade Kahlua (ru2bz46 has a great recipe) glaze

*Crown of Lamb- marinade of soy sauce mixed with some Sriracha sauce/cracked black pepper/cherry syrup

*Baked ham shank- marmalade/cranberry/molasses/cracked black pepper glaze over cloves stuck in

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@hungryhungryhortence May I ask why on purpose? Just out of curiosity.

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@RedPowerLady: Sure, I’ve never cared for any part of a turkey other than the giblets. The turkey’s meat is almost like a punishment food for me. I list it up there with white meat chicken, chicken/turkey dogs, turkey rolls, soy cheeses, margarine and fake sour cream.

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@hungryhungryhortence Wow I don’t think i’ve ever met anyone that didn’t like turkey, although I certainly get it. Now I have a friend who doesn’t like potatoes and I know it is horrible to say so but I think it is odd. Your alternatives above look fantastic btw.

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My boss has Lobster for Thanksgiving, and I gotta say it sounds great!

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many Italians have a table full of lasagna & spaghetti on “Turkey” day

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if not all

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There would be a mutiny at our house if there was no turkey! We usually have turkey and ham. Not very exciting, but it only comes once a year, gotta go with the tradition.

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