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I have a reduced interest in sleep and a reduced appetite, why is this?

Asked by MikeMcG (53points) February 12th, 2008

Maybe one’s linked to the other, or something?

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Changes in sleep and appetite are often signs of depression.

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Has anything changed in your life that has put new stress(es) on you?

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Not at all. I just got out of a kind of stressful situation recently and I was sleeping and eating fine through that. I’ve considered clinical depression but I don’t really have any of the other symptoms.

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I got all my money on stress. And keep in mind stress isn’t only from bad things. If you’re really worked up about something in a positive light or life is moving fast, it has an effect on your body.

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What hemisphere are you in?

Also, what is your exercise routine like?

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Well, it depends if you feel you’re not sleeping and eating enough, or if you used to oversleep and overeat and you’re no longer doing that. If you’ve recently gotten out of a bad situation, and you used to sleep and eat a lot out of depression, and you’re now feeling happy, it would make sense that you’d be sleeping less and eating less. Another thing to consider is your caffeine habits…that would keep you from sleeping and eating.
One other thing to look into is to possibly get your metabolic (thyroid) levels tested. That is a very common condition that can cause big changes in your sleeping and eating. If you’ve experienced any changes in your weight recently, that would be another sign…your doctor could order you a very simple blood test just to check.

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It’s likely a delayed reaction to the stress that you “just got out of.” Loss of appetite and loss of interest in otherwise normally desirable activities (such as sleep) are after-effects of stress for some people. If it persists for longer than 2 weeks and continues to worry you, you should see a doctor.

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