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I’ve found that Aperture really did revolutionize my RAW digital workflow. I used to loath coming back from a shoot and digging through and editing all the photos.

I found Lightroom to be a poor rip off of Apple’s Aperture with a paricularly terrible user interface.

Besides, when the time comes for deeper post processing you can just set Photoshop as your default external editor and send a non-destructive version of the image out. As always, Apple set a new bar for revolutionary and progessive concepts and techniques in digital content and management applications. Its certainly feels right at home among Apple’s line of groundbreaking pro apps.

And as I stated, Lightroom feels like a cheap imitation. Still for deep and highly advanced post processing, Photoshop is still the most powerful solution.

Check out the product pages for each app as well.

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There was a great article comparing them in Macworld over the summer.
You can find it here:

I use Lightroom, but it’s only because I got a free copy. I would definitely use Aperture if I could get my hands on it.

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I think it’s like comparing adobe cs to adobe elements. I would use lightroom for quick edits and to keep my photos organized. Aperture would prob just be used for more advanced or creative editing.

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I like Lightroom much better. Aperture is very slow in my opinion.

I regret buying Aperture.

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Aperture is slow if your computer is slow. People have to remember that it’s a PRO app. That means you’d usually have PRO hardware. That’s why they market iPhoto to general consumers instead of Aperture.

It’d be like buying a Ferrari and complaining that eats alot of gas.

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I have a 17” MacBook Pro 2.33gHz with 2 gigs of ram; it is slow and a MacBook 2.2gHz with 4 gigs of ram; it is slow.

And I am a PRO…thanks…

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Weird, I have a slower computer with less RAM and it runs just fine for me. I also have a pretty hefty library too. When was the last time you did some system maintenance?

P.S. Didn’t know you were a “pro”.

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for the record – aperture 2 just came out. If you recently bought aperture you can upgrade for $9.95, otherwise the new one is $199.99.

You can download trials of each. I recommend you do that. They both have their +\- with functions. Aperture is the better of the two. I’m assuming you already have PS. If you don’t, you really should go that route first.

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