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Is there a solution for red irritated dry eyes?

Asked by Ailia (1363points) November 13th, 2009

I have an aunt who has very red irritated dry eyes and this has been happening to her on an on-and-off basis for the past 40 years. Does anyone know of a solution or some kind of treatment that will help alleviate or relieve her eye pain? She is in a lot of pain and I want to help her.

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There is a prescription called Restasis. Have here see her eye doctor.

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Artificial tears help on a short-term basis. My eye doc told me that taking flax oil can help; apparently there was a study on taking flax oil for something unrelated, but a lot of people in the study who had dry eye problems reported improvement after taking the oil.

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Does she know the cause of the irritation? If it’s happening on and off, maybe it’s an allergy. She could see an allergist- I second @missingbite‘s answer about Restasis, but it’s prescription, so she would have to see some kind of doctor.

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@ccrow Well she takes flax seeds everyday but not the oil so I don’t think that would help her much. And shes pretty much against taking prescriptions like that so I don’t think she would take that. Not to mention its probably too expensive for her. She doesn’t work on a day to day basis and shes retired anyway. So I don’t think that would help her. But if this gets rid of the problem for good then she might consider it.

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@Ailia There are some homeopathic eye drops you can get at the health food or vitamin stores. They’re worth a try. Obviously a visit to an ophthalmologist would be best, but if she refuses, the Vitamin Shoppe, or other is going to need a visit.

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Very dry eyes an be from thyroid problems. Mine get dry from that, although not red. Also, some people do not completely shut their eyes during sleep, and their eyes dry significantly over night. Gel drops and ointment can be a huge help during sleep time. They are found with the visine and other drops at the drug store.

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Call your eye docter and talk to your family doctor

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