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Would you ever have marital relations while visiting your grandparents?

Asked by laureth (27174points) November 13th, 2009

Back before I was married, sometimes I would take a boyfriend up North to visit my grandparents. To save my <cough> virtue <cough>, they would have us sleep in separate guest rooms. But now that I’m married, they give us both the same room.

Mr. Laureth says that this is in case we want to (well, you know…), we are free to do so. He thinks it’s a great idea. Personally, I’m a little freaked out at the idea of engaging in adult activity in my old grandpa’s guest room! (What if my step-grandma, who has Alzheimer’s, walks in?)

What is the proper etiquette in this situation? Is the family giving us de facto permission to get down with our bad selves, or would the proper thing be to wait until we get home (or at least to the first rest stop on the freeway)?

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You are married, it is an ordinary part of married life, just as grandma and grandpa experienced it.

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Just be careful. Don’t break the furniture, and for gosh sakes, no screaming.

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Hell, I would while they watched.

I just wanted to be the first to say it. sorry slow quipsters

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Yeah, I’m definitely on your side on this one. I would not be comfortable. I see that @pdworkin has said that it’s a normal part of marriage, and he’s right. But if it’s going to make one of you outstandingly uncomfortable, I’d skip it.

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I’m pretty sure the baby I’m baking was conceived while visiting my grandmother at her shore house. So, obviously I have.
it can be done discretely

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No. I think they tend to frown on that kind of behavior at the cemetary.

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Putting you in the same room now is because it is normal and perfectly appropriate. Whether or not you have sex is decided by the comfort level of you and your husband. It isn’t like your grandparents don’t know you do have sex with each other, but I doubt they go to bed wondering if your going to do it that night.

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you are just so funny and write so well you should create a blog. I love your posts.

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I would figure out how much movement can be heard from the adjacent rooms or the room below.

A friend recounted that one Christmas, they could hear her brother and his girlfriend having sex in the room above, while they were ostensibly taking a “nap” before dinner. Her dad was reading the paper, and kept saying, “What is that banging noise?” over and over, calling attention to it. Friend and her husband found it hilarious.

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Hey, if wee Jake wants to screw his sweetie in my house in 25 years, it will probably put a smile on his old Bubbie’s lips!

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Yes, I would.

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@trailsillustrated – Thanks! :) I’ve had one for years.

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Can you sneak a trip into the shower together?

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I surely would. And, I have (kind of. Wasn’t really my grandpa.)

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I did at my aunt’s house. That is where I got the shower suggestion from. I wasn’t comfortable knowing that she was going to end up changing the sheets when we left in the morning. And our room had its own bathroom and was on the other side of the house.

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I think you’re right to not want to do this. It’s not like they’re giving you de facto permission to have sex, they just recognize that you’re married and you guys sleep in the same bed every night. It would be different if you were just bringing a boyfriend over, but it would be ridiculous to put you and your husband in separate rooms.

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I don’t find my grandparents all that attractive.

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Only if you’re trying really hard for great grandchildren.

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It would be too weird

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Depends on how long the visit is. A few days? I could wait. A month? Oh, it’s on.

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No way! I can have sex with her anytime. That’s scandalous. I bet my wife would try to persuade me. She’s naughty.

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Can they hear you now?

How about now?

No? Then sure, go ahead. Enjoy!

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We conceived a baby while vacationing with my husband’s family, he was nervous at first but apparently that wore off. I think it would be okay, just as long as you’re quiet about it. Maybe even wait til late at night when you’re sure the old timers are sleeping. Have fun!

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My first thought was, hell no! But after giving it some thought, maybe I would. It’s kind of strangely sexy. Like doing something you know you probably shouldn’t be doing (even if your grandparents gave you the go ahead).

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Right back at-ya:
My question to you would be, what if your grandparents were!.....

Ps. you might as well get it while you can, once the kiddies come along you’l be wishing you had!

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