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I'm trying to get the Verizon Droid for $50.00 or less... Is this possible?

Asked by vicnav (136points) November 13th, 2009

Ok let me break this down. My 2 year upgrade is coming up in a couple months. The phone itself with a new 2 year plan is 300 dollars. Now the phone has a 100 dollar mail in rebate. so now it’s at 200 dollars. At my two year upgrade it takes 50 dollars off of the price of the phone which makes the price 150. Now I was talking to a Rep at the Verizon store and she said if your the primary account holder on a family plan and get a new plan or something like that it will also take off 50 bucks. Now that puts the phone price at 100 dollars. Ok Now I also know that if you order the phone on the internet it can be cheaper.

My question is how can I get the phone to 50 dollars or less? What are some other techniques I can use to lower the price of the phone. I was thinkig maybe I can sell my old phone and put that money towards the price of the droid and then also get someone from the store to buy it for me to get a discount and maybe they have a military discount cause I’m in the military.

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Most times, these offers aren’t cumulative.

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You might want to check the reviews on that product.
These are not the droids you are looking for.

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As @The_Compassionate_Heretic said, you can’t always combine the discounts. Plus, it’s a new phone. If a rep sees the price coming out that low on a new phone, they’ll probably get alarmed and try to find a way not to give it to you.

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most discounts arent cumulative! read the fine print! Rebates probably can be combined, so you could combine it with the upgrade thing. Also the military thing is highly pluasible, (you can get one from ATT for sure) but with att its on your monthly bill not the initial price, so it might be same.

As for what the REP told you, it’s bullshit (99% sure) as i have never in 10 years of verizon heard this and the REPs rarely know what they are talking about. The internet thing is also bullshit unless you get it semi-illegally of a gray market (as verizon always has the same price) but then you probably wont get the rebate.

So most probably you can get it for $150, its still a great deal.
As for you old phone try selling, if you are traveling to east-europe you could sell it 5x US price.

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Amazon right now has the droid with new account for $50.

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