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Why do only beautiful people become vampires?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14634points) November 13th, 2009

With few exceptions, vampire stories always have runway models as vampires. Has a vampire ever had a double chin, bad teeth, been awkward toward the opposite sex or had bad fashion sense?
That would make vampire flicks more accessible to a broader audience by infusing a sense of real life into the genre.

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I don’t think these beautiful vampire stories follow Bram Stoker rules, so I would disqualify them on those grounds alone.

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Nosferatu wasn’t at all hot. Vampires being sexy is a recent thing.

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The opening scenes of True Blood have an overweight, redneck vampire.

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Ugly people don’t sell Tshirts. (Actually my current work in progress is about a just ‘so so’ vampire.)

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Blame Anne Rice.

Vampires in the movies and fiction were a joke until her books made pots of money.

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Because vampires are supposed to be sexy.

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Actually, I blame Roman Polanski and Nastasia Kinsky (or, as a model friend of mine used to call her in the ‘80s, Nasty Kinky.)

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chortle Nasty Kinky

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It’s not only vampires… but en masse it is actors/actresses in general.

But as far as vampires are concerned.. I’m sure they would want to find someone decent to look at if it’s going to be for centuries.

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Good Question!

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bankers are not beautiful

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@Dog Stephen Root played a vampire, Eddie, on season 1 of True Blood. He’s also the guy that played Milton on one of my all time favorite movies, Office Space.

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Ii was so petty.

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Most of this genre is romance marketed at women. It sells more books and movies to have lots of sexy men. Other than Twilight and Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton’s books are pretty bad about this. In her books, the main character is an author avatar and all the men are probably just a sexual fantasy.

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because beautiful people suck at everything

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In a lot of the newer vampire stories, regular, old, plain people become gorgeous and sexy after becoming vampires. Something about the transformation process makes them become attractive.

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Ugly people become zombies, and pretty people become vampires.

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Would you want to bite the neck of an ugly person?

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Sometimes sexy people get turned into zombies. Then they’re not sexy anymore.

I don’t think it matters what you start out as; if you’re turned into a zombie, you become ugly, if you’re turned into a vampire, you become pretty.

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Buffy had plenty of ugly vampires.

But I have to say, if I was a vampire I’d kills someone I wouldn’t might looking at for eternity. Who wants to look at an ugly anything forever?

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Its how most of the world works. If you’re attractive, you get more attention, respect, etc.
not fair at all, but reality. Pretty is way more appetizing too. great! now I’m hungry…...

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Just because vampires aren’t real, doesn’t mean they can’t become stereotyped.

Making anything beautiful makes them obviously more appealing. And I think this makes them seem less evil.

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No one wants to see ugly people live forever.~

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You’d think they’d all be disgusting like Stephanie Myer herself.

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Not all vampires are beautiful though. Take that guy from twilight for example. He’s ugly. Very.

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Granted, vampires were horrid monsters before they became seductive sex symbols, but as the general myth goes with the classical vampire, the person becomes more alluring in their state of undeath, as that is a part of their “arsenal”.

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