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How do you go about publishing a digital cookbook for a digital photo frame that would be marketed and sold out of the box or by some other third-party for consumers at large?

Asked by wayrad999 (1points) November 13th, 2009

There are digital photo frames available by companies such as Ceira; Viewsonic; Sony; Westinghousedigital, etc. as well as I’ve heard that Pandigital Kitchen HDTV has a digital photo frame or a digital cookcook available or at least one that is supposed to come out at some point?

I am trying to research all the options for publishing a cookbook one such a format such as a digital cookbook or digital photo frame and how to best go about it? Any and all resources for this would be greatly appreciated!

A couple of months ago or so I’d seen some ad on TV that had a preview in the ad of some such digital photo frame that was on someone’s kitchen counter with recipes being displayed and actually “playing” along with audio that the person could follow to follow those recipes. But unfortunately I don’t know what the company for that digital photo frame or digital cookbook was?

Any pointers / leads on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

Also, is there a way to publish a cookbook for the Kindle and other such e-readers?

I’m essentially trying to research all possible digital alternatives for e-publishingmy cookbook.

Thanks much!!

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I was ready to suggest a Kindle eBook until I read far enough to know that you have already thought of that. That seems like the most elegant solution. I’m just not sure how you would go about doing it.

Have you thought about an iPhone/iPod Touch app? If you have some capital for a developer it doesn’t seem like it would be very hard to do.

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