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Big time office upgrade! Decorating time! Thinking African theme. Suggestions?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) November 13th, 2009

I’ve been dramatically upgraded to a fantastic new office. It’s 14×20 feet, and it’s all mine!

Thus far, I have the following inside: a mahogany desk, a conference table, and a black leather couch. Also, bookshelves line the upper walls of two sides of the office. Now, it’s time to decorate.

I really like African art, so I’m thinking of going with that. I’ve never really gone all out in decorating an office before, so I’m looking for suggestions. There’s only a small possibility I could convince my boss to allot me a decorating budget, so in the event that does not happen, I’m looking for an inexpensive way to do this. ;)

I’ve been casually browsing online, but I’m kind of at a loss with where to begin. What kind of things should I buy, and where? Do I do this all at once, or gradually? (I expect to be in this office for the next 4–5 years.) If you are an African art enthusiast or have decorated an office successfully, please comment!

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Ebay some African art, some people don’t know Value

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Be very, very careful to not go overboard. When you start getting into patterns, its easy to get cluttered even without clutter if you have too many things going on visually. I would suggest looking at soapstone figurines. They’re simple and eye catching and can be pretty inexpensive, plus being great to run your hands over. This one on eBay is very inexpensive. Go with simple things and add a pattern or two that compliment one another. Throw pillows in a solid color that compliment your pattern are relatively cheap.

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Spend your own money on it. That way you can take the stuff with you when you leave. I would just buy stuff you like and can afford when you come across it.

And keep the receipts.

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I love the African art idea! eBay really is a good place to shop for some inexpensive art. Also, I work at Pier 1 and it’s a good place to get accents & knick knacks. I would recommend finding art on eBay & then maybe getting a couple bright pillows or decorative boxes for your shelves at Pier 1 or even Marshalls or something. I’m not sure if you like color or need it in the space but if so I would recommend using deep oranges, reds, and yellows. African art should be fun, bright, and beautiful. Stick to dark woods if you frame anything and don’t be afraid to use patterns! I’m so excited for you! .... I love decorating!

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I forgot to mention that texture is very important. Using woven baskets & distressed wood can make a great statement when you’re trying to decorate with an African theme. Also, other options could be an animal (elepants or something) or even shells. Africa has beautiful beaches and alot of African art incorporates shells.

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Use mudcloth to bring in color and pattern.

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My daughter has a wall dedicated to masks. Whenever I travel I bring her one back. It has become a beautiful collection
she recently got a house with high cielings. She gas started finding masks at places like Ross and adding so she can get them from floor to cielings.

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I found a zebra mask at a local outdoor shop one year. It is an authentic African piece, and it is very highly prized in my eclectic collection of objet d`art.

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Visit Pier 1 and World Market, you will be overwhelmed. I suggest a floor covering of the woven mat. Perhaps the vendors on would have items of interest as well.

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My house is an ethnic bend of African, Asian, Indian and modern.

Gotta have a Djembe drum…native drums are so cool and dual purpose.

Art and music rolled into one piece!

Rattan type furniture, lightweight and has that Bombay look.

Big ethnic vases with tall bamboo and dried stick arrangements.

Masks for the walls, lots of great inexpensive import places to investigate and don’t forget craigslist..I have found some really cool pieces on there!

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