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Are you ever too depressed, busy, or anxious to Fluther?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) November 14th, 2009

When I Fluther, it is in such random spurts. I’ll be on for a whole day sometimes. Other times, I don’t even want to look at my activity because I’m so busy. Or I feel anxious because I know there are things that I should be doing instead. Does anyone else get this?
Maybe I just feel bad lately * shrug*

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One day last week I was so depressed that I didn’t want to participate in anything. Fluther, Facebook…nothing. But then I got to talking with other people & it made me feel better. I don’t get like that very often, but when I do, it’s a bummer.

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I’ve been too physically ill, but not too depressed or busy. When I feel bad, Fluther cheers me up, especially when the little monkey what wears clothes and the 6-year-old mailman post something funny! I check in usually at least once a day. I joined mid-November 2008 and became a regular about a week after Thanksgiving.

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I am often too busy and recently, have found that many of the questions and answers do not tickle my fancy. Milo, however, is on here most of his waking hours (Granted, there aren’t many of them.)

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Yes, if I’m busy visiting and spending time with someone then fluther isn’t high on my list of things to do unless that person would rather play video games and then I’ll fluther, check my facebook or other sites.

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It varies. Sometimes I’m on all
day. Sometimes I know that I’m in too bad of a mood to be giving good answers. When I fluther in bad moods I end up getting in arguements. So I try to steer clear of the site when I’m angry or depressed. And sometimes even when I am in the mood to fluther, the questions just don’t interest me.

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This kind of ties into this question for me. The good and bad Fluther days question was a bit of a revelation; I’d never thought of it before and it made me aware that I have both. The reasons for either are usually tied to my mood and/or current mental state and I’ve recently come to recognize it’s better that I don’t Fluther on my bad days. Sometimes I am too busy, but more likely if I don’t Fluther on a given day, it’s probably because I’m not feeling up to it.

I also go in spurts, sometimes I feel like I’m on fire and answer all sorts of questions, get into great discussions, and feel like everyone lurves me. Feels great when it’s good. :) The bad days feel like no one loves me, I wonder if I should quit because obviously people are just putting up with me, and I’m more likely to be unnecessarily argumentative or to take offense at something relatively innocuous.

So, yeah, I save Fluther for the days where I’m feeling more centered and can actually contribute to the community.

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@MissAnthrope looks like today is one of those days :]

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Yeah, am coming out of a bit of a bad spell. I started an antidepressant a couple of weeks ago, but even so, I had a little depressive spell last week. The fact that I feel like Fluthering a little hopefully means it’s easing up some. :)

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Last night, but you guys came thru- Thanks

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yes, but like @faye Fluthering helps me realize that I am not alone

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I don’t fluther on my bad days. I come here to have fun and be of assistance if I can.. It is not a good outlet for sharing my frustration or pain on bad days…..I turn to other activities which better accommodate those and provide some actual relief. I don’t post nearly as much as I have in the past. I’m more selective of the questions I respond to and won’t “force” a post….if it is one I have to labor over and is not something that just flows from my heart, or is very casual and light-hearted, I just won’t expend my limited energy. It’s also not unusual for me to visit fluther throughout a day and enjoy the contributions of others, without posting a single word. See ya….Gary/wtf

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^^And for that reason, I am always happy when I see you have posted, it means you are having a good day.

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It seems I’m only on here when I’m supposed to be busy. So I would guess that my answer is no.

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What @Shuttle128 said. Unfortunately, I do come on here when I’m busy. I don’t usually have “bad days”. However, this Monday, a combination of things kinda made the whole day suck, but I still came on here…sometimes this place is calming; I like it.

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I have never been too depressed to fluther. Fluther is often the only thing that can make any difference when I’m depressed. The people here have provided me with invaluable support, making it possible to feel, at times, that I do have something useful to offer. Something that some people even appreciate.

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to feel that way. I keep fighting it, and trying to deny it, not because I don’t want it to be true, but because I’ve never wanted anything more, and never been afraid of anything more. It’s too much, and I’m afraid it’ll disappear at any moment, and then I will be bereft again—only much more so.

But at least here I have hope. Someone might say something to appreciate me. Someone might like me. Someone might be interested in talking to me. These momentary contacts are good. I might wish for more extended contact—but that’s not really possible online. If only we could teleport to the fluther pub, where we could always see someone we liked.

Ah… what a fantasy….

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If I am depressed, anxious or worried about something then I cn’t enjoy anything so I tend to avoid Fluther then.

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When I first started fluthering I checked in every day. After a while it started to feel a bit boring to me. I felt like nothing was interesting me, or maybe I just had nothing interesting to add. I started a new job, had less free time. I checked in here and there but usually just kept quiet. No one missed me lol. I’m a little peeved that I let my climb to 10k get away from me, I would of hit it months ago. Of course that’s not really important. ok it’s a little important I’m not gonna lie .
I’ve posted a little in the past couple days….

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@elijah I’ve missed you!

I have many days that I’m just pissy and not in the mood to contribute. There were times when I would but I’ve learned that I’m better off just lurking and following questions until I’m in a better mood to answer. I’ve told myself many times that I just need a break, but I’ve found that very hard to do.

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