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What do these symbols mean on my clothing tag?

Asked by occ (4036points) November 14th, 2009

I want to wash this skirt and don’t know what the symbols on the care tag mean. Here’s a photo of the tag

Anyone know?

Also, if I can’t wash it in the machine, does anyone know how to get the smell of campfire out of clothes without spraying chemicals on it? I’ve aired it out for a week and it still smells slightly.

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No triangles allowed

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Dang universial signs…too old to understand them ;)

I can read it says Rayon – you can use woolite and hand wash, but I wouldn’t put it in the dryer. I’d hang dry.

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left to right:

do not machine wash
do not bleach
iron on low heat

second row:
dry clean (P stands for perchloraethalyne…<sp?>, a nasty chem)
do not machine dry

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Whoa I was way off

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Dang I’ve got to bookmark that site, thanx @PandoraBoxx .
I know it’s done to make it easier, but anyone over 40 – we need to relearn!

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It’s pretty clearly some sort of Satanic curse—I wouldn’t wear the skirt again.

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Here’s another site that lists them all.

What it means is that if you spill something on it you’re screwed. You can only dry clean the sucker, and that may not get the stains out.

You could try spraying it lightly with Febreze several times over. Otherwise, donate it to charity.

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Can I hand wash it with some woolite?

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If you are desperate and unable to wear it ever again without removing the smell, and if you are willing to throw it out if it doesn’t work, then gently hand-wash it with Woolite, let it dry by hanging it up, and finally see if you can remove the wrinkles with a cool iron. It might work out fine. But if the colors run, it shrinks, or it curls up in a little, unwearable ball, then throw it out and remember to never wear clothes marked like that any place there is a fire.

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