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reaally slow vista pc

Asked by innsdayss (2points) February 13th, 2008

I have a dell pc laptop running windows vista. It is horribly slow in starting up and running applications, the device is a few months old and I haven’t installed any apps but itunes and ms word. I felt like it may have been norton slowing it down but closing the app did not change much. All I know is that my page file usage is normally very high… Can anyone please help me out here on how to keep it from lagging so much??? Thanks!

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How much RAM do you have? Vista (like OS X) gobbles it up. It is so cheap now I would max it out. I wouldn’t run Vista with less than 2Gigs.

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My first instinct, look for spyware and viruses.
Spybot Search and Destroy is good spyware removal software.

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A friend of mine buy a new 12 ” laptop with a Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz and 2 GB of ram, and his CPU utilization juste after vista boot, without any task launched expect avast anti vir is 80 % !!!!!!!

On Fedora 8, idling, CPU utilisation : 4 % .....

As said by johnpowell, Vista need a lots of ram, what is your configuration ?

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vista just sucks and hogs all the ram for it’s useless GUI features (that it copied…)
you should def upgrade ram and try this program
it sounds fake and like something that would be loaded with malware (but trust me, it’s not)
the free version is actually a really useful little program.

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disable IPV6.

Many programs do not work well in that environment yet.

disable user account controls.

if you have a bunch of widgets that you don’t need, turn them off.

if you don’t need aero (this nice graphics interface in vista) turn that off.

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Haha, good ideas Jamms, but according to your advices, better formatting and install a real OS.

“Many programs do not work well in that environment yet.”

Windows VIsta is now available to general public for more than one year, and I really don’t count on a magic update healing all his bugs.

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I’m sorry, I was referring to ipv6. I work for a software company and each time I have someone ask me about speed issues on vista I disable ipv6. many programs reliant on database manager use the ip address of the computer to write to it’s data. The same applies to external devices that connect to the machine. many will require an ipaddress to communicate with the vista machine. If the device is old then it likely uses the ipv4 protocol. They either require firmware updates or just disabling ipv6 which is by default on.

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