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Are there other sites out there similar to fluther?

Asked by skadu (199points) November 14th, 2009

I’m looking for sites similar to fluther but that are more focused on alternative or holistic health. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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you can those questions here. you’re really not gonna find anything better.

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As far as I have seen Fluther is unique in setup and design.

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So ask a question!

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I’m with @eponymoushipster – this place is for any questions, especially those with straightforward, factual and practical answers. You’ll find what you need here, get asking!

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ok, I have a question but I have to think through the best way to ask it. It will be just a minute and I will post it as a new question.

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Fluther isn’t limited to just one topic, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find great answers for what you want to ask. You may will be surprised with the thoughtful, helpful and sometimes witty answers that you will receive.

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Often imitated never duplicated. Plus there are many people here who have varied areas of expertise… including a variety of medical backgrounds. You may find many a forum but none with this kind of setup and sense of community.

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This is what I love about fluther. Everyone is there to help in just minutes!

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ok, my question is now live. You can see it here

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This is what I love about fluther. Everyone is there to help in just minutes!

@skadu Yup, that’s pretty much the idea of q&a sites.

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You say your looking for certain answers from people in that field, well people get “Questions for you” based on their knowledge, and what they put on there MY Account page.

So if you need medical advice, ask the question and who ever put that as a field of knowledge will get that as a recommended question, and odds and evens are they will not hesitate to answer.

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Yes, there are others, but fluther is the best. :-)

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@jbfletcherfan Although It could have some updates, like A sources thing, and a Twitter type Status, that you could enable

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@Resistka Oh, yes, there’s always other ideas to try. But after being initiated on Askville, believe me, this is GOOD.

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@jbfletcherfan Yes it is good, It’s my favorite, beating my 2nd “Yahoo answers” by like 5000 times. If that made since.

Yahoo answers, your question gets like 2 answers in a week… if your lucky. You really have to be descriptive about your question to get viewers.

Here, 8–9 Answers no problem.. and the answers are fun to read.

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Finally, an original question!

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Oh yea, to answer your question, there are many sites. Facebook has a portion, Myspace has or had one, There is Yahoo answers as well as Yahoo 360.

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@Skadu, Unless you carefully phrase your question to avoid it, you’ll find people who will hijack your question into a debate into how ineffective alternative remedies or therapies are, or how it’s all power of suggestion, or that it’s not scientifically sound, etc. Some are bullies folks who will tell you that people who use alternative remedies are misguided, “naive”, or “worse”. I have not found that this site is particularly friendly to people who believe in and use alternative medicine, but there are a few of us “naive”, “misguided” types who are gluttons for punishment and stay anyway. If you don’t believe me, PM me and I’ll send you some links.

Anyway, welcome to the club.

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Yes, there is a similar site to this one but it has a lot of very deep, difficult (for me) questions and, like fluther, a large number of people questioning Christianity. It’s the JREF forum.

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