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Does Fluther and other Q&A sites provide information you can't already find from Google?

Asked by adrenalin (17points) November 14th, 2009

Is Fluther helpful to you?

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It is kinda nice to be able to hold someone accountable when their advice kills my cat. I can’t really do that with Google.

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Fluther offers a much more personal experience.

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Lots of people want validation about what they already know the right decision to be, or someone to talk with about their issues.

And sometimes, they have a hard time figuring out the valid search terms to get at the answer they need on google.

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It’s the only place I know of where I can tap into the brains of web developers, audiologists, painters, writers, burrito lovers, pot heads, journalists, etc all in one place.

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And I should add that after some time you know who is good at what. If I want advice about the rash on my testicles I know I can trust Shililo. A question about a pet and syz is going to feed me good info. Problem with my ears? hearkat is in my corner.

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Some questions just cannot be answered on Google. I have asked questions that I tried to find first without luck and got my answer here. The archives are also pretty awesome to read. I have learned a lot doing searches here.

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but what do you about the quality of the answers thou? do you really trust it?

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I trust them more than a random geocities site I found on Google.

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On questions that apply, users will cite their source or link to places to do further research.
So far I have not asked any life or death questions but have found all the answers to be based in fact.

For fun check out this thread:HERE and tell me of another site that I could have gotten the answers to that! (Go @Darwin)!

However, as with anything on the internet, it is always good to do further research to confirm accuracy if the question is important.

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You can’t get reliable opinions and personal experiences from Google. Yes, I trust most of the answers I get here because you come to “know” the people here over time and see that they try to answer helpfully, truthfully and with consideration on the topic. There are some who just BS or have a bit of fun with things, but you figure out who they are pretty quickly.

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Have you guys tried Aardvark, Answerbag, Yahooanswers? what do you think can be done better in general for these Q&A sites?

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@adrenalin I have no interest in helping to improve other sites. I am content here.

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@Dog The “content” pun is sublime.

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Fluther has personality. Personal experiences. Lots of specific input on absolutely anything you could think of….Fluther > search engines, IMO!!!!!!

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Fluther is great for hard to quantify questions. It’s also nice that people are literate and considerate (and many other ‘ates too).

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Don’t take our word for it. Look around. If you don’t have time to look around, then Google is the place for you.

I’ve met a few people here who I think exhibit a lot of wisdom. When I need good advice, or when I need to understand the range of human experience, this is where I come. When I need an answer—Google.

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Google can supply a lot of information, but it really can’t supply personal experience or wisdom.

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No, Fluther cannot provide information that you can’t find on Google. However, if you want personal experience with that information, you can find it on Fluther.

You may have also noticed that many Google searches actually direct you to
Therefore, many people who Google for information will find their way here.

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There are some people here who have had experience in and have information on things that may not actually be on the internet. I don’t know of anywhere else on the internet I can find someone willing to talk explicitly about his first hand experience with bi-polar disorder and his thoughts on understanding the mechanics and psychology of it. (Thanks daloon!)

Forums and Q&A sites provide excellent ways of finding people who know things that are hard to find (Q&A sites especially). Also, there’s nothing like real human interaction.

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@Shuttle128 Not to disparage the good information we receive from fellow jellie Daloon, there are dozens of sharing forums that are turned up with a google search

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@YARNLADY Ha, I guess google does have everything.

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YES. For instance Google censors certain sites, searches, and news by country. You could ask me a question you couldn’t answer on Google from your country in Europe or Asia. I could Google it from within the USA and then I could post the answers on Fluther thereby allowing you to access information you otherwise couldn’t through Google alone. Also, I know lots of things which are not available on Google.

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