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Am I over reacting, or do you agree with me about this Walmart Site2Store thing?

Asked by sarah826 (446points) November 14th, 2009

OK so. At first, when I bought this pillow online on, I thought Site2Store was an awesome idea. I mean, I could get this sent to the store, where I go every week, instead of having it shipped to my house and having to pay about 5 dollars for this unnecessary “service”. But here’s what’s wrong with it: I’m 13. They say the person picking up the item must be 13 or older. That’s fine, right? No. They also say that you have to have a photo ID to pick it up. How am I supposed to get a photo ID?! School, right? I’m homeschooled. So I don’t have a student ID. I think Walmart has it coming. They’re gonna eventually get sued for discriminating against this minority. I think that’s going a little bit too far, I mean I’m not doing that. But I still think it’s gonna end up happening. So what’s your opinion? Do you think I’m right, and that they’re gonna get sued? Or do you think that I’m over reacting and that home schooling is such a small minority that it should be overlooked (even though that’s not “politically correct”)?

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So order it in your parent’s name and have them pick it up. You can also get a photo ID that is like a driver’s license but without the driving part. Not sure what the minimum age is on that though. Maybe call the DMV and ask or look it up online. I think calling it discrimination is a little ridiculous though.

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I think so too, but I still think it’s gonna happen.

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Like @StellarAirman said, you can get a State ID

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I have a friend who took her daughters, younger than 13, to the DMV to get photo ID’s. She saw it as a safety thing. Maybe you could look into that?

WalMart would probably be in more legal trouble for not insuring that their items were picked up by people over the age of 13. I don’t think they invented that rule, or law, or whatever you want to call it.

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So what happens if you mention to someone that you bought a pillow/iPod at Walmart and that you can pick it up on Friday. They could go in and grab it before you do.

They have to check your ID.

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Well. It’s official, then. I am weird. If I do this much more, I think I’ll invest in one of those IDs.

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Everyone that is 13 is weird. But your spelling and grammar is fantastic for a 13 year old.

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Yeah, you have to prove you are who you say you are. The rule is in place to protect you. They’d be responsible if someone walked in and took your pillow with no proof that they actually were the person who bought it.

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Id definitely invest in an ID, i got one when i was 14 (which im now 17 so i dont need one) but it does come in handy. so id just do that, there cheap too.

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Well maybe.

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@johnpowell sometimes weirdness starts at 13. In my case, I never outgrew it. Better luck to @sarah826

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@johnpowell: Why do you think my spelling and grammar are fantastic for a 13yo?

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@sarah826 :: Trust me.. I have read a lot of what other 13 year old kids have written.

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@johnpowell It’s because she doesn’t go to a public school~

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When I was homeschooling my sons and grandsons, we issued photo ID’s to our students, just like any school would.

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@yarnlady – but those weren’t real, I mean, you couldn’t use them as real photo ID’s, could you?

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@sarah826 Yes, they are just as real as any other school issues, and the student can use them as a “real” photo ID. We take them to the school district offices to be signed by the District secretary.

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huh. Interesting…...maybe my homeschool co-op should do something like that.

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Home schooling is OK but I think it is an over reaction by the parents. The proper foundation of children comes from family quality of upbringing. It comes from great sacrifices that parents should be ready to make. Parents should never expect things from their children that they are not practicing themselves. There should be nothing but true atmosphere of love in the household. A progressive spiritual training and community is very helpful also. The combination of ingredients mentioned above was very good for my family.

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You are over reacting. let your parents pick up the pillow for you. WalMart may be afraid they are liable in this case, since you were a minor when the pillow was ordered. if you still want the pillow, tell your parents of this situation and let them handle it.

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