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What is offically the highest number we know of?

Asked by switchboard (54points) November 14th, 2009

I am just wondering because it had been on my mind.

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...and one

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what’s kristie allie currently weigh?

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A gazillion; but that might be like the blonde joke where the blonde asks how many people are in a Brazilian when she hears about the Brazilian tragedy.

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@eponymoushipster you were the last one seen dating her, you tell us.

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There’s no definite answer to this question. If we disregard infinity and just pick some arbitrarily large number, say, a googol, you could just consider to a googol to the googol power to the googol power to the googol power… it goes on forever.

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@eponymoushipster yeah, she wore a red dress and you thought she was this

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Haha, I think I see her head!

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@eponymoushipster Ya, I heard she had a crush on you.

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Is it possible Pi can be the largest? I know technically it is a never ending chain of numbers, but.. hey its never ending.

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No, “largest” means highest magnitude. 4 > pi. Pi is irrational, meaning its digits never repeat, but that doesn’t make it “larger”. For example, you can express the number 5 as 5.0, or 5.00000000000000000…. etc. The “length” of the number isn’t related to how “large” it is.

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@Resistka good guess, and there was a website where you could put in your birthday (xx/xx/xxxx without the /) etc, and it would tell you where in Pi that string of numbers showed up.

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What about googol + 1?

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I just wanted to type googol. Anyway, the highest number with a name is googolplex.

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googolplex + 1

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@Ivan I bet you were a real hoot on the playground as a child, weren’t you? =)

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What? Nobody’s said 42 yet?

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Infinity. There is no “highest number”, the numbers just continue into infinity.

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@AstroChuck, the answer is always 42, Deep says so.

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42 on Ecstasy?

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The Highest Known Number Association (pronounced Hickna) will release a statement as soon as they are through counting. Progress has been encouraging. They report no fractions or irrational numbers have been encountered. The worst hazard for the Hickna membership has been the blisters on the tips of their fingers and tongue.

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420 is the highest number.

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It would take too long to express in digits but in words it is “The number created when everybody else’s feeble attempts at suggesting the highest number are multiplied together and the digit 1 is added. And if some smarty pants is going to come up with an even higher number then I am just going to add another 1 to it so there.”

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One is the loneliest number.

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n-plex the proposed name for 10^googolplex or 10^10^10^100
but i belive Graham’s number is the largest but it is undefined as to exact value.

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I think the next highest number, after n-plex (the proposed name for 10^googolplex or 10^10^10^100) should be Googol Bordello (you should start wearin’ purple!)

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42 was Jackie Robinson’s number, so obviously it’s the highest.

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