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The stray dog i recently took in had previously broken his leg, cost...?

Asked by lauraval123 (59points) November 14th, 2009

My newest addition to the family (shadow, the little black one in my picture) was a stray dog i found living in the woods near my house. Hes an extremely sweet dog and i love him so much already. His foot was previously broken, because his foot is completely misshaped and he is always limping. How much would it cost to get it xrayed, and how much might it cost to have it fixed?

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Is his foot causing him pain?
Is this an old fracture that is healed?
Are one of these him?

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I’m wondering if you could find a vet that would give you a discount because of the way you took your dog in. I’ve heard of this before just don’t know if it happens realistically.

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hes very sensitive about it, he’ll let me feel it but he is always limping so it must be causing him pain.

and i have other dogs and ive always taken all my animals to the same vet, do you think they might give me a discount for that and the way i took him in?

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I would call him and tell him you had found a stray that appeared to be injured and ask if he would look at him and what the charge would be to you.

I want to add that I admire you for taking him in. In our area he would have ended up in the pound where his injury would have been enough for him to be euthanized.

That being said if it is an old injury and has fused having it repaired means re-breaking the bone and setting it properly or amputation of the leg. Only your vet can tell you what is going on for sure and advise you of the options and costs so I am glad you are going to take him there.

Please keep us posted!

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I think thats all i can really do right now, im using all the money im getting from my paychecks which isnt much considering im 17 and only work part time.

But i have a huge heart for animals, id rather do anything other then put a dog in the pound, and im extremely glad i could keep him. Hes so sweet.

And thats what i was thinking he might need to have done cause i think his bone is just broken, i dont think he has a torn ligament.

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I once worked for the Veterinarian to pay off my vet bills for a black Labrador with an auto-immune disorder. I cleaned kennels and walked boarder dogs. This may be an option for you. Just sayin’ :)

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That might work. Im open to every option right now. Thanks for all the suggestions :)

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American Animal Hospital Association might be able to help you with funding the reconstructive surgery. Your vet would need to start the process as it’s done through grants. I would talk to your vet and let them know that your new babydog is a stray, there are several emergency funds available only through vets.

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We took in a rescue whose leg had been injured when she was a puppy and not repaired by her owner at the time. We did fix her leg, but hers was complicated by the fact that it had been left untreated for a year, and she grew into a very large dog (120 pounds) so her hip and knee joints became deformed. Her case involved reconstructive surgery by a specialist vet and cost us $2200. It would have cost more but we got a 10% discount for allowing her to be part of a study on pain relievers. She still walks with a limp, but her leg doesn’t hurt her at all.

A second dog was one I saw hit by a car. I stopped and picked him up – his right thigh bone was broken. That one cost $700 to fix (but he was a very sweet young dog and deserved it).

The first thing I would do is talk to your vet. Depending on what the precise injury is there may be several options for treatment, including amputation. Before you freak out, please be aware that three-legged dogs do very well. There is no stigma in the canine world to being an amputee, and the pain problem is solved. Your vet might also have suggestions on how best for you to cover the cost.

Good luck! He looks to be a real cutie.

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@Darwin wrote: three-legged dogs do very well and I would like to add that I used to know such a dog and he was incredibly fast, it did not slow him down at all. He had become tangled up in a barbed wire fence and his leg was mutilated, requiring amputation. There was nothing about him that inspired sympathy, he was incredibly well adjusted to his three-legged life.

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@Adagio – The only problem I have ever seen is that way too many of them are named Tripod.

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@Darwin you will be relieved to hear this particular dog was NOT named Tripod.

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I grew up w/a 3-legged dog (named Teddy). He had been hit by a car & his hind leg was broken too badly to repair. This was back in the days before leash laws, & he was the king of the neighborhood!

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thank you all for the good advice, hes in alot of pain today so i have him on some pain meds until i can sell my saddle in the next few days. I talked to the vet i usually take my dogs too and they didnt seem to care he was a stary and i took him in this way, so im gonna call around to all the local vet clinics.

And getting it amputated is high on the list of possibilities, based on the cost of the other treatments and surgerys.

He definitely deserves to get it taken care of and to not be in pain, hes one of the sweetest dogs ive ever had.

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We are rooting for you and the pup. Which one is he in the photo?
Keep trying different vets. Maybe a vet who does large animals too would take the saddle in trade?

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hes the little black and brown one on the right hand side, both of my other dogs accepted him right into the family which is very rare.

But im hoping it will sell on ebay, but you never know with that site.

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He’s so cute!

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where’s his pic?

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