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Am I the only woman that does not use any makeup but chapstick?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) November 15th, 2009 from iPhone

Most women that I know wears makeup, actually I haven’t met a single woman that doesn’t use it. Do you know anyone? I only had makeup on my face the day I got married.

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I’m probably the only teenage girl that doesn’t use make up. I don’t really like it. Natural is nice.

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My sister doesn’t usually wear it. Out of everyone I know, I think she’s one of the only ones.

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@Tink1113 but you NEVER use it? I mean, I’m 28 years old and only used it one time LOL!!!

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I only use lip gloss. I hate wearing make up. I prefer a natural look.

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@2late2be I used to, but not anymore. I’m 14. It’s a hassle to put it on when the only ones that are going to see it are the people in school. So no I don’t use it.

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My wife doesn’t use it, ever. She prefers to be honest in her looks. That, and she is highly allergic to the stuff. She uses it for Halloween, but that is not a normal look. Not even for us.

if you knew what sort of nasty chemicals are in regular makeup, you’d never smear that shit on your face.

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Natural is hawt </male>

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GAs for all the ladies that don’t need makeup. you too @Tink1113 =)

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I don’t use it, and neither does one of my daughters. The other does sometimes, but not with regularity.

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I don’t on an everyday basis.
The only time is in the theatre, and sometimes not only then.

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Not all of us are so lucky, dear. And thanks for reminding us.

I don’t use much, but my lovely mother gave me the gift of combination skin with a super oily nose. So I use powder – rarely foundation when I have a bad skin day, in addition to mascara as I am naturally very, very, very blonde and very fair. When not wearing mascara, friends have on more than one occasion done a double take and asked me where my eyelashes were, they’re long and full but almost completely translucent. Hell, maybe if they were white blonde I could deal but they’re literally clear.

Beyond that, it’s lip balm.

I don’t use blush maybe twice in my life, I think it makes me look like a hooker – though I have no judgments for those who can pull it off. Special occasions get some brown eyeliner.

But, that’s just my daily makeup.

You wanna go out at night with me and I’m dolled up. But even then, my makeup is restrained to eyes only.

Most days, no one even realizes I wear makeup, some are even surprised when I mention it. The whole look is very stripped down and natural.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra: I don’t think makeup is necessarily dishonest. That comment doesn’t sit well with me.

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I don’t unless it’s a special occasion or something. I could count on one hand how many times in a year I wear it. But I don’t really wear lipstick.. I don’t like the way it “kisses” off, and if it’s the kind that doesn’t, I don’t like the way it feels. I just use chapstick.

Is it so wrong for a woman to just want to feel a little bit prettier sometimes? Sheesh. Some of you act like makeup is a creation of Satan.

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@asmonet sorry to present it in a way you find offensive. That wasn’t my intent. I apologize for making the assumption that people who wear makeup are somehow ‘cheating’ the world with their looks.

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@poofandmook if it works for you, then it works for you. You already know the best thing a person can do is to be themselves. If that means wearing makeup, then wear it. I won’t judge you for it.

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@poofandmook It’s not a creation of Satan. It’s a waste of time and money for me. Plus it gives me a shit load of pimples. A little sun on the cheeks and lipgloss can do wonders.

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@jonsblond everyone knows Satan doesn’t waste his time creating makeup, he spends his time selling pimple cremes.

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Why do you ask? But, sense you asked, I think we owe it to the folks who have to look at us to do the best we can with what we have. After 40 years of age, I started using make up on a regular basis and would not consider not using everything. Still, the comment I get the most is how lucky I am that I don’t need make up. The sun damage and age spots along with red blotches and dark circles under my eyes are not lovely to anyone and especially not to me.

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I hate wearing make up. I only wear it when I’m going out to dinner or something. I call it putting on my skank face. haha.

I personally think I look better without it. But I just feel like I NEED it to go out.

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Well, as someone with disgustingly low self esteem, a little boost to my already pretty face is nice sometimes. Makes you forget about what’s below the neck.

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@poofandmook what? you got webbed toes or something? =)

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@Psychedelic_Zebra: I didn’t say I was offended, just that it didn’t sit well. I think there’s a lot of judgment thrown at women who ‘wear makeup’. But not every woman wears it the same. There’s a difference between women who hide behind their makeup and those that don’t. And it’s bothersome when people make statements that seem to lump them together.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra: I almost wish that was it, because then the only thing I’d have to worry about would be neatly hidden in shoes or socks for the rest of eternity :)

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@asmonet well, it seems like my comments are going to rub your fur the wrong way tonight, maybe it’s best I just go to bed before things get worse. Hope you have a pleasant evening.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra: I took no offense, I was just responding and having a discussion. Sorry, if it came off aggressive or disgruntled, that was not my intention either. Goodnight, dude. :)

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@Psychedelic_Zebra: maybe you should go to bed because it’s nearly 4:30 in the morning. That sounds like a better reason. lol

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Makeup does not look good with sweat rolling down my face, it was 41 today that is almost 106. Otherwise I would be all done up daily (heheheh, yeah right!)

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I was actually surprised to find out how frequently girls use makeup. I wouldn’t judge anyone for it, though…I actually knew a guy who regularly used makeup because of acne and he really did look good with it on.

Anyway, I’m kinda glad I’m not a woman so I don’t have to worry about stuff like this…

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I use lots of lip balm, other than that, 100% make-up free.

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I rarely wear makeup, don’t really see the point. Most men, as I have encountered, prefer a makeup-free woman. Sure wish women would have enough self-confidence to not wear makeup, but alas, they cannot all be like me.

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I rarely wear make-up, but I’m not making a statement or anything. I’m just lazy! I’ll be the first to admit that I look a lot better with a little makeup on.

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I didn’t wear make up on my wedding day, but some people like it. Course, it was 117 degrees outside, so I knew it would just melt off in the photos anyway.

p.s. I have NEVER put on mascara without poking myself in at least one eye… EVER.

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My wife wears it maybe twice a year for a special occasion.

She’s lucky to have nice skin, but, like @augustlan, is just too lazy to do it every day.

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@augustlan you stole my answer! :-)

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oh and sometimes I will put on a tiny bit of eyeliner and mascara if I’m going somewhere but it isn’t special or fancy, like the movies… simply because my skin and hair are so fair… it just reminds people that yes, I do have eyes. LOL

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I’m a bit jealous of people who have the option to wear makeup. I wish I could get dolled up if I wanted to.

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Wow. It seems like some people are looking down on anyone who uses makeup. I use makeup almost every day. I don’t pile it on, but I definitely accentuate my features. Makeup enhances, it’s not supposed to look goopy and gross. If you(or your wife) are comfortable in chapstick that’s great, but don’t act like women who wear makeup are hiding or wasting their time. It’s just a personal preference. I can look amazing in 15 minutes with makeup, where you might choose to spend that extra 15 minutes doing something else.
Anyway, my point is that it’s not about confidence. I could turn around and say it’s easier for you to not wear makeup because you dont have the confidence to do it right and look good in it. Sounds insulting, right @jeanna ? I’m not trying to single you out, but your comment was rather insulting to imply women who wear makeup don’t have your self confidence.

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I’m with @asmonet on this one, I also feel that there is a lot of judgement thrown at women who wear makeup and it’s true not everyone wears it in the same way! Some prefer a little and some, a lot. It’s all about personal preference really- which the forum has obviously demonstrated!

So everyone is saying ‘yes yes yes,’ it’s ok to wear makeup, but I still kinda get the vibe that whilst people are saying it’s ok to wear it that women should not be using it as a shield.
Example: @asmonet‘s comment “There’s a difference between women who hide behind their makeup and those that don’t.” and @jeanna ‘s comment “Sure wish women would have enough self-confidence to not wear makeup.” That’s just the thing though!!! Think about the reasons WHY women wear it and why some wear much more than others!

I know as lot of men who prefer women with no makeup but I also know just as many who do like women who wear makeup.

I’m a qualified makeup artist and have worked for a variety of different clients. I personally, am sick of hearing people badmouthing women who do wear makeup and put ME down for wearing it also. For me personally, I LOVE makeup! It’s my passion! Just like some people love to cook, some love to paint and some love to read… I love learning about new products, buying them and applying them to either myself or other people.

For me, wearing makeup has nothing to do with not being confident or comfortable in my own skin. I’m very happy with who I am and am quite comfortable with or without makeup. The reason I choose to wear it is because it makes me feel pretty and sexy and good about myself and I love receiving compliments from people who tell me that it looks great! Makeup is an expression of me and my personality, so I don’t see why I should be criticised for that…. (I’m not imply that anyone here is doing that- Just stating my view!)

In saying that, I’ve also worked with many clients who do use makeup because for whatever reasons, whether it’s because they don’t feel confident without it or aren’t comfortable with their skin/physical appearance etc. So is wearing makeup really such a bad thing if it makes them feel good about themselves or it makes them that little bit more confident or makes them feel more attractive?

We’re all different people with different self-images. Sure, it’s sad that not all women have a fantastic images and can see themselves as being beautiful with our without it but for some, it’s their way of being able to cope with their insecurities. Unfortunately that’s just the way it is sometimes! Makeup clearly makes them feel good about themselves which is why they are using it! At the end of the day, who really has the right to judge or question that?!

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@Courtybean Well said! Lurve.

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@elijah Amen sister!! If you were here, I would kiss you!! You’ve hit the nail on the head!
It’s funny- you often do find women a lot of women who do wear a makup judging those who don’t… so why is it that women who don’t use it, seem to be so critical of other women who do?...

Maybe everyone is riddle with inscurities and it’s just easier to pick on someone else to make yourself feel better perhaps?!

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@2late2be – you know what hun? If you’re cool with only wearing chapstick then that’s great!! Who really cares- it’s only if you feel inadequate next to women who do wear makeup that this would be an issue…

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No, my mom hates makeup.

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There are times when I have to, otherwise, I look like a kid, and at this point in my life, that just won’t do:

*Fancy party of any sort (wedding, formal dinner).
*Date in formal setting.
*Job interview (and that way I can figure out if it’s OK to go without it from day to day).

If it hadn’t been for the invention of mineral foundations, I’d be in real trouble, as the creams and powders of yesterday wreaked much havoc on my skin. I try not to wear it too often, regardless. I’m still trying to figure out how to most effectively get rid of the dark marks I got from picking the resulting zits.

Sometimes I wonder if people can’t tell that I have uneven skin tone from the hyper-pigmented spots on my face when I don’t wear the stuff. I still want to feel pretty. Is that so wrong?

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@aprilsimnel- Nope, nothing wrong with it!! I also love mineral makeup. It is the BEST ever! It’s what I also wear day-to-day. I would go and see a dermatologist to find out the best methods to getting rid of the marks- other wise just a good skin care routine, vit. e can also help to reduce redness and scaring. Also, facials and other treaments like that will help to regenerate new skin cells and eventually the redness will slowly go…

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I only wear it if I am going to a wedding – otherwise, just a good skincare regime and chapstick.

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I wear it if we’re going out somewhere because I don’t want my husband to be embarassed by being seen with me in public. I don’t where on a daily basis because it takes too long. And because I don’t really care if the people at work have an opinion about my looks.

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I agree with @elijah. I don’t cake makeup on my face but I DO wear some everyday just to accent my natural features. I see nothing wrong with this. I don’t do it for anyone but me, it makes me feel a little more pretty and confident and if that makes my day a little bit better then I am willing to take the time and apply a little.

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I never wore the stuff except at synchronized swimming meets, where they force everyone to look like identical porcelain dolls. Actually, being made to wear the stuff in such an over-the-top fashion at a young age may have helped to turn me off to the whole business.

Now that I spend a half hour of every day walking up and down 5th Ave in NYC and existing as a professional and a student here, I have begun to feel the need to wear some makeup, just to fit in more. That was never an issue in Colorado.

@Courtybean How do I go about finding people like you to set up an appointment with? I’m afraid of looking like a clown with the eye makeup. Everything is so confusing. And I’m not looking forward to the moment when I’ll to go up to a professional and say “Hi, I’m 24 and I don’t know how to put makeup on” – do you get that often?

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I rarely even wear chapstick. I like the way I look with makeup on, but I am ok with the way I look without it, too. My only real issue is a somewhat uneven skin tone. I wear a moderate amount of makeup for special occasions to even out my skin tone and, well, look a little bit special. That happens about twice a year. LOL

I used to be someone who wore light makeup daily and enjoyed it. I go through spells (several years) of doing one or the other. The last one ended about 6 years ago.

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I don’t even wear chapstick.

I will admit, I love buying makeup, but I never wear it. It’s a waste for me to even buy it, so I don’t. I do like lip gloss much more than lipstick…but I never consistently wear anything.

When I was pulling my eyelashes all the time, I’d wear eyeliner to offset the eyelid baldness, but since I’ve stopped, I don’t wear it anymore.

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Most of the girls I know wear at least eyeliner or something. I personally go full-face as you can tell in that other thread.

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LIp balm for me. As I age, I look better and better, due to genetically good skin. I was a greaseball in HS, but that is holding me in good stead now. The girls with porcelain skin are much more wrinkled.

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I like a little make-up. my husband likes it too. Otherwise I think it looks like I’m tired or just got up.

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Ah…. all you American ladies- you don’t know how lucky you are when it comes to opportunites re. makeup!! @wildpotato mentioned that she walks down 5th St NY every day almost killed me!! I’m jealous…. very very jealous!!

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I’m going to Metallica tonight, and I was originally going to put on makeup. Now I’m thinking about putting it on, and worse, taking it off when I get home, and I’m thinking that it’ll be dark in there and nobody will see me, and by the time the lights go back on, my eyes will be smudged and I’ll probably be sweaty, and I’ll have huge puffy bags underneath my eyes… so I’m just going to do my hair and be done with it.

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In the summer I usually wear no makeup except chapstick, but in the winter I tend to wear a bit of it. I think the seasonal difference is because in the summer my skin is better, so I just throw on moisturizer and run out the door. In the winter my skin gets dry and then angry so I usually have a few spots to cover up. I start with moisturizer, then a little bit of coverup, then powder to blend it, and by then I’m sucked into the makeup mindset and throw on mascara as well. And eyeliner if I’m going out to a bar/club. I never wear eyeshadow, blush or lipstick, since I think they make me look like a clown. I don’t have any strong opinions about makeup. If you want to wear it, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too! Power to you either way. :)

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Most lesbians. My wife has a pin that says “Chapstick Lesbian”. She is always beautiful.

When I switched job fields I started wearing make-up to work. I thought I would hate it, but it’s kinda fun to play with eyeshadow and lipstick colors. And make-up does accentuate my already fabulous features. ;p

Outside of work I rarely wear it. If there is some sort of special occasion, or I feel like being dolled-up, I will wear some make-up. Like everything else, it depends on my mood.

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Nothing more beautiful then a woman keeping it real.

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I find that when I wear makeup, I don’t look better per se, I just look like me – wearing makeup. That being said, I have a few staples I use that are fast and natural looking.

For day / work: I need to look more polished. This is a swipe of neutral eyeliner, mascara, shadow and a colored lip balm

When I go out, I use the same stuff, just in about 3 or 4 shades darker.

I think some women use makeup as an art form or accessory (see MAC girls) which I can appreciate. I think it’s interesting , although it’s not totally my style and I could never pull it off.

A close male friend of mine said he really isn’t attracted to women with a lot of ‘stuff’ on their faces. He said it makes him not want to touch them, he can taste it and it winds up getting all over the place. He also commented that making out with a girl with all that lipstick or gloss on her lips is like making out with a candy apple. I remember that whenever I’m getting dolled up.

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What a lot of you aren’t realizing is that you can look at a woman you think is not wearing any makeup, but she’s chosen the right shades and done it just right so as to look natural. Or are we specifically talking about clown face? :P

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@DominicX when you hit your fifties and your prostate starts acting up, you’ll wish being a woman and deciding to wear makeup was your only problem. =)

Psychedelic_Zebra's avatar

@poofandmook Clown face I can do, no problem. =)

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I’d take prostate issues any day over, periods, childbirth, menopause, osteoporosis, and a decline in worth in the eyes of the media. :-P

Oh, and boob saggage. That sucks.

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Agreed, @asmonet, good point!

As for the original question, I’m a guy and I’m categorically opposed to both makeup and high heels for women (and SUVs too!), except that I do feel makeup is appropriate for those women whose skin really needs it and without which they would feel uncomfortable due to blemishes or whatever. And I am strongly offended when women say they have to wear makeup (or high heels) because guys demand it! I believe that some guys do, but please don’t imply that all guys favor makeup (and high heels) because I certainly don’t!

Makeup and heels oppress women, and I wish more women would fight back and reject these institutions that have been foisted upon them by a male-dominated society.

Courtybean's avatar

I’m sorry @Joe_Freeman but I certainly don’t feel oppressed when I step into a pair of heels or apply some gloss to my lips and I certainly DON’T do it because Im secretly hoping men will chase me down the street because I’m wearing these things!

I do agree with you and think it’s unfair for women to generalize that ALL men wish them to be “oppressed” as you suggest… However, I also feel that you yourself are making a generalization in the respect the the only reason women do wear makeup and heels is because they are meak and at the mercy of men!

If you read up, I spoke about women (including myself) wearing makeup as a means if expressing themselves and making them feel good (regardless of whether they have blemished skin or not!)

I have perfectly fine skin but I enjoy wearing makeup! I see it in an artistic sense and respect people ability and skill in putting it on- just like someoned ability to cut someoned hair well, or the ability to have designed and crafted a beautiful garment or the ability to use oil paint on a canvas to create an amazing piece of artwork!

If you are going to put both makeup and heels in the catagory of “items you purchase simply because you’re oppressed” shouldn’t you put all of fasion in there too? Any item of clothing you wear is a form of oppression technically- if you think you’re trying to beat it simply because you purchase you clothing from a $2 shop doesn’t mean that you haven’t been a) told to WEAR clothes in the first place because that is what’s socially acceptable and b) placed into a catagory within that fashion trend eg. This is this seasons current trend that consumers are forced to buy because that’s what’s on the rack when you need to buy a new business shirt OR the catagory of being a cheap, poorly made synthetic garment because it less costly to produce and purchase?

At the end if the day let’s be realistic here- we are all living in a globalized, corporate driven world and technically pretty much anything we do could be seen as a form of oppression, simply because we are told “this is what you need to do to fit into a functioning society!”

I’m sure there are some things that you like to purchase and enjoy doing so for what ever reason! So technically at one point or another, the things you purchase have been created and marketed in a way that appealed to different peoples taste.

Why is it fair to assume that the reason I like to wear makeup and heels is because I’m told to do so by men when other women, who may not necessarily enjoy wearing
heels or makeup but goes and buys a new huge flat-screen tv with an expensive sound system because she enjoys watching movies? Is she oppressed because technically that is an item that isn’t exactly a necessity and I can pretty much guarantee was created, marketed and sold by a mostly male team….

So if we flip around- are men who enjoy bodybuilding oppressed by women who belive that all men should be super fit and muscular?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we live in a society which is goverened by a materialistic culture and driven by money. We’re all oppressed! lol part of globalization is telling people to buy stuff! If we didn’t like the current culture than we could move somewhere where material objects aren’t valued!

To a certain extent, I’m quite a materialistic person! I like to buy pretty or nice things like shoes, jewellery, makeup, bags, clothing. I like getting my hair done and nails done and being well presented. I do it because it makes ME feel happy and good about myself! I would never expect anyone else to do what I enjoy because although we are living in an oppressive culture, we’re all individuals and have found our own ways of expressing ourselves within these constraints!

Please don’t make women out to be these helpless, meak and unimformed beings! We’ve all got brains in our heads and aren’t so “oppressed” that we cannot make our own choices! I would consider myself an intelligent woman and very aware of the history and influences of makeup and heels, but at the same time, I enjoy wearing them and don’t feel like I should be told that in wearing them because I’m so oppressed! I think this forum has demonstrated that all of these women who have
posted their comments have chosen to wear or not wear makeup for whatever their OWN personal reasons may be- none having mentioned that the have chosen to do so because the either do or don’t want to impress their male coworkers!

We’re not living in the 20’s any more- women have their own voices, opinions and control over their bodies in our culture today. Whilst we still do live in quite a patriarchal society, it’s not so bad that we have control over personal choice or expression!

So tell me- I’ve got a friend who absolutely LOVES to dress up, wear heels and makeup, do her hair and go shopping! She’s the perfect image of a “girly-girl”.... However, she is a lesbian and has no interest in men whatsoever! Where does she gut into all of this?

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@asmonet—men get boob saggage too, ever watch that TV show The Biggest Loser? Makes me want to scream “Please put your shirt back on!!!” when they get ready for weigh in.

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I don’t really consider what I wear makeup, as I never wear foundation.

On a day-to-day basis, however, I wear mascara and blush, so that I look awake and not pasty. I like being pale, but without that blush, I look dead! Also, the mascara helps my eyes pop, and I think my eyes are my best feature.

When I feel really tired or want to look a little prettier, I’ll add some eyeliner (black) and/or some eyeshadow. However…that’s it.

I do wear lots of chapstick, though—it’s one thing I splurge on pretty much whenever I feel like it. I own waay too much and still buy more!

I agree with lots of the above posters, especially @asmonet—there’s a distinct difference between a lady who emphasises what she has and a lady who wears too much. But on the other hand, I agree with @Courtybean, because I’ve known girls who have so much fun with their makeup, and make it a fashion accesory. (One of the girls I knew in highschool was known for her crazy makeup; one time, she came to school with “leopard print” eyeshadow that she had drawn on. I thought it looked awesome.)

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I used to wear a lot more make up when I was younger – now it’s just mascara and lip gloss when I’m out dancing and performing a variety of feminine gender expressions…ordinarily I don’t put anything on…if there is a theme party or something I’ll go nuts with wild combinations…

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@evegrimm: I was one of those girls, actually did the leopard print eyes for a 4th of July party last year. I used to do fairly elaborate eye makeup every day, not porn star level but more Sephora catalog. And I think there’s a big diff between the two and I think you agree on what I was saying before. But now, working in an office, it just doesn’t send the same message so my occasional dress ups have been banished to the weekends. :)

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@gemiwing Why can’t you wear makeup?

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