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I chipped a tooth and I have braces. Should I get it looked at today?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) November 15th, 2009

I’ve had braces for about a month now college with braces, yesss., and last night I chipped one of my back teeth.
I grind my teeth when I sleep can’t wear a mouth guard… it makes me choke and I guess somehow it got chipped in the process. It hurts, and that is what’s bothering me.
My orthodontist has an emergency line that will call him and he will meet us at the office he lives next door to it if we need him during closed hours.

Is this considered an “emergency”? Or should I wait until tomorrow and call?

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Give him a call, tell him the problem, and let him decide if he needs to see you right away or if it can wait until tomorrow. He’ll know.

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As long as you have no pain or sensitivity to heat or cold, you can wait until tomorrow. The back teeth are big; if the chip was small, you may want to only file the sharp edges down. Try not to worry the spot with your tongue.

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is it hurting? chances are that it is just an emamel chip. might be sensitive for a little while. Unless it’s a large chunk, you could wait.

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If I was in pain I would call.

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I’m not sure if it classifies as a small chip or not.. it’s the corner of the tooth that chipped off.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be crazy to call for this or not.
Needed a second opinion.
Thanks guys!

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I wouldn’t call. A chip usually isn’t an emergency unless the nerve is exposed, and it doesn’t sound like that. maybe call monday.

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When I chipped a tooth, it was pretty bad, it was not an emergency because it did not get to the root. You would be in a lot of pain if it needed to be tended to immediately, becaue when the root is exposed (I think it is about halfway down the tooth) it causes a lot of pain. Most likely they will bond it, which is not big deal. Go ahead and call the orthodontist to check in and he can leave your name with his receptionist for tomorrow to squeeze you in ASAP.

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bonding doesn’t work so well on posterior teeth. If it’s a large chunk or into the nerve they’ll want to crown it and put a pulp cap on if it’s in the nerve- other than that they’ll smooth it so it doesn’t bother your tongue. hope you’ll be ok

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The orthodontist has an emergency number so you can call him (or her) with questions just like this. So, take advantage of this service. If deemed an emergency, he will let you know. If not, you will know that too. Either way, it will help relax you and enjoy your Sunday more.

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