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How much is 27 pounds in u.s. Dollars?

Asked by atr408 (357points) February 13th, 2008
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$53.01. Looking pretty good for the British these days. There are many currency converters online. I used

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For the record/future conversions: just take the last part of your question (“27 pounds in u.s. Dollars”) and insert that into Google (instead of Fluther):
I’m not sure which converter Google uses underneath (other than that interweb thingy), but it works for me. And apparently, the pound has gone down a bit over the last few hours: 27 pounds = 52.76 USD now.

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check out its my fave site for conversions

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27 pounds of what? If it’s gold, more than you’ve got. If it’s baloney, you can probably afford it.

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Less than a month later (March 5, 2008) your 27 pounds is now $38.13.
If you exchanged your pounds for dollars back on February 13, the date of the first post, you could now exchange them back for 37.53 pounds, for a gain of 39%. Not bad for less than 30 days!

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reminds me of a little scam we used to do I heard about when I was in the Navy. Ship pulls into port in the Philippines, sailors would bypass “authorized” currency exchange (official exchange rate was, say, 4 Philippine pesos per dollar), sailors would go to marketplace, buy pesos at 6 per dollar, have good time, go back to ship, stop at “official” currency exchange on the way back, buy dollars at 4 pesos; sometimes came back with more dollars than when left!

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Around $40

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