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Recommend a good electric toothbrush!

Asked by misc (23points) November 15th, 2009

At 25, I have given up on brushing my teeth right. I either don’t brush thoroughly enough, or too hard, wearing down my gums. I want to get an electric toothbrush, but which? I’d like something cheap, but not something that will fall apart. I looked at the bad reviews of some models that got high average marks on Amazon, and there were complaints about metal threads coming out, gross ooze, broken parts after a few weeks… stuff that seemed pretty bad. I know there will always be bad reviews, but in these cases several people seemed to back up the stories, so they weren’t isolated occurrences. So please, when recommending a toothbrush, be sure to mention any problems you’ve experienced. Thanks!

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I use an Oral-B with a charger that plugs in. It works beautifully; I would stay away from models that require AA batteries. Due to hard water here, I occasionally scrape of the lime deposits with a finger nail. Getting refills for the brush itself (every three months is a good idea) is easy.

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the one that @gailcalled mentioned is great, just be concious of the pressure you are applying when brushing your teeth. It also has a two minute timer on it which is great. Brush the gumline you don’t have to push hard.

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I too use the one @gailcalled mentions. It is excellent.
I have used it for the last 9 years with great results.

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I also use the one that gail does.

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I use the Oral B too.

I just went to the dentist for the first time in over 6 years. The hygienist found almost no plaque, gums in great shape, and I had no cavities either. They asked what kind of brush I used.

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I’ve been using Sonicare brushes for almost 7 years, and I’ve been really pleased (I just replaced my first one). Still no cavities and I’m much gentler ony gums (I also floss every night).

Surprised to see so many Oral-B fans. All my friends and dentists have recommended the Soncare. (I have nothing bad to say about Oral-B).

Finally, if you do go with Sonicare, I can say the cheapest one is just as good, and a much better value.

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I use Sonicare, we’ve had it for a couple years now and my dentist said it’s made a great improvement in my dental health.
I love it, it comes with the piece to plug in and charge it, but I do it once and it seems to last for weeks.

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I use a Sonicare as well and really like it compared to some of the cheaper Oral-B’s (I haven’t tried any of the more expensive ones so I can’t speak for them). I ended up getting my Sonicare for about 35 bucks at Kohl’s. It’s lasted 4 years, so far so good.

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