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What movie would you suggest for this project?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) November 15th, 2009

I have to do a movie critique for my Psychology 101 class, however I have no idea what movie to analyze. I can’t analyze just a character, I have to do the whole movie. I have to somehow relate and expand on one, or few of these topics:

Sleep issues
Visual illusions
Repressed memories/False Memories/Abuse

Please list some movies you think would be good, and which topic(s) go along with them.

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The goldmine here would be the movie Memento.
Terrific movie. Amazingly put together (backwards). It is rife with almost everything you mentioned.

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Spun would be a good movie on drugs.

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dreams, illusions, abuse

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Hypnosis,Memory, Repressed memories/False Memories/Abuse, Drugs

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Awakenings is good stuff. Also The Fisher King.

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An oldie would be Hitchcock’s Spellbound with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman.

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Seven pounds with will smith, or South park imaginationland

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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I think @filmfann picked the winner.

However, for sleep issues and visual illusions, you can’t go wrong with Fight Club.

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Requiem for a Dream

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Total Recall?

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The Machinist is definitely another goldmine. Like Memento, it deals with almost every single thing you’ve listed. And it’s less confusing than Memento (which is not just set up backward – it’s more complicated than that).

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Another vote for Memento.

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I am in Australia and am very aware of the problems faced by aboriginal people. The movie Sampson and Delilah is so very true and deals with drugs, and abuse. It is very simply made, very little dialogue but so very poignant, compelling and a lot of other superlatives as well.

It might lend itself to critiquing and analyzing because of the simplicity of the format.

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The Science of Sleep
Until the End of The World

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For dreams (lucid dreams!): Waking Life

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Fear and loathing in las vegas

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Scanner darkly!

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They actually made us watch Memento for one of my Psychology classes so I would vote for this as well. It relates to memory.

I’ll see if I can think of more, I feel kinda brain dead right now. I’m sure there are quite a few movies that would fit the bill. Probably quite a few psychological thrillers and dramas.

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Donnie Darko
Hypnosis, Sleep issues, Dreams, Memory, Visual illusions, Repressed memories/False Memories/Abuse

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Pan’s Labyrinth

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You know, they’re animated, but anything by Hayao Miyazaki would be a good bet, or anything solely directed by Terry Gilliam. Ingmar Bergman is a go-to as well.

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Sybil which stars Sally field. It’s about one of the first documented cases of multiple personality disorder- she has 8 different personalities to memory. The reason she develops the MPD is to deal with repressed memories from some sort of traumatic experience. Kinda like United States Of Tara. Or Rainman with Dustin Hoffman who is autistic and an idiot-savant (I hope I’ve spelt that correctly) and who a genius. Has an amazing memory.

What a great assignment! Wish we got something like that when I did psych!

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“A Clock Work Orange”. There is quuite an interesting twist on a form of hypnosis involving brain conditioning with the aid of drugs to “cure” violent criminals. A criminal undergoes the treament; he becomes very ill when confronted with violence, but the only problem is that he is conditioned to be ill at the sound of classical music – the only good thing he enjoyed in his life before being conditioned.

__there is language and nudity__

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A Beautiful Mind is the obvious one. Fight Club may be another good one.

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Altered States

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Thank you guys so much! I’ve downloaded most of these movies and intend on watching them all so I can pick from them. I’ll let you all know which one I decide on!

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Okay. So, I just finished Fight Club and I’m not sure I’m even going to watch any of the others. I just kind of sat through it like WTF MATE however, I will be watching it again tomorrow.

Anyone have insight on the movie? I’d appreciate it very much :]

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I love Fight Club. I think the major theme of the book and movie are about the need to breakthrough the mundane parts of life, take risks, and put yourself out there, to absorb both beauty and pain in the world around you. I think it also deals with the issue of living in a society that one doesn’t see them self as a part of.

It reminds me of the movie Rebel Without A Cause.

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You should watch the others eventually, too, just because you have them and we recommended them and we are awesome.

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I like the whole sleep deprivation thing going on. And the personality disorder. I’m reading some stuff about it now.

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@chelseababyy Man, if you thought Fight Club was WTF (and it was), wait until you watch Memento. ;-)

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@augustlan Lol, that’s what everyones saying. I think if I watch all of these this week, my head may implode. Yes, implode.

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Proceed with caution.

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@chelseababyy That’s why I said you should watch the others “eventually.” hahaha I’ve seen most of them, and even just thinking about all of them in such a short period of time is making my mind spin.

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@MacBean Yeah. I plan on watching them all. Maybe a few weeks after one another.

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@chelseababyy – how are you going getting through them?

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@Courtybean I’ve chosen Fight Club for my projects for many reasons. It was the first one I watched and I fell in love with it. It’s pretty perfect for what I was looking for, however, I have gotten all of the other movies and plan on watching them over the course of the next few weeks!

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Fight Club is a great choice, and I am sure your project will go well.

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(Just so you guys know, I got 100 on the essay!)

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Woo! Way to go, Chels!

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That’s amazing, well done!

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Go, Chels!

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@augustlan Thanks girl! I ended the semester with a 4.0. Wooooot!

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