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Has anyone used Dr Scholl's skin tag remover?

Asked by faye (17810points) November 15th, 2009

I grew skin tags when I was pregnant and just seem to add a couple every few years, especially under my breasts. I’d love to remove them-the tags,I mean. I have used nail clippers and paring knives!!

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Treatment of liquid nitrogen for moles seems to be a common treatment of skin tags as well. Sounds interesting.

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Oooohhhh. Clippers & a paring knife!!!???? That makes my butt pucker! I get them, too, under there. It’s from our bras rubbing. I use SHARP scissors. I never knew about this skin tag remover. This should be interesting…......

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Well, if it’s in Canada, I’ll try it and report.

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This is so strange… I just used liquid nitrogen to freeze off a wart on my foot, and was going to post a question today asking if that stuff would work to remove skin tags! Off to investigate. :)

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OMG! I love this question, because I hate my skin tags. I did not even know there was a product like this.

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@augustlan Looks like you’re our tester. LOL. Let us know how it works.

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I have one under my arm that I would love to get rid of. I wonder if it would work for a wiggly little mole, too.

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@Supacase If it’s not too big, you can jut snip that off. I’ve done it 100 times. It’ll bleed a little, but that’s it.

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I drove all over Kitchener trying to buy Dr. Scholls skin tag remover to no avail. The pharmacy employees were surprised that they got them in and at $34.99 they flew off the shelves and are not in stock for another week now! Great idea. Why didn’t someone come up with this years ago. If you look at the wart remover section there are like ten choices!!

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$34.99!!!??? Good Lord, buy some Compound W!

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A skin tag isn’t like a wart tho. Compound W acids away the wart and the product that freezes warts is also expensive.

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Yeah, the freeze off wart remover was like $28 here.

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My entire family suffers from skin tags. We were all very excited about this new product. My one brother in law tried three different drugstores and still hasn’t found it. I have checked many Shoppers Drug Marts, Wal Mart and grocery stores. Where has anyone found this?

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It is even sold out on, a canadian online site by Dr Scholl’s!!!

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So, a question: Does anyone think the freeze-off skin tag remover is actually different from the freeze-off wart remover? I’m betting they use exactly the same stuff. If so, I already have some in my medicine basket! Do I dare experiment with it?

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@augustlan We need to look up the active ingredient. Good question. I’ll try to google it.

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I can’t find the ingredients on the site, which is unusual, maybe I missed it. I have never had a doctor offer to freeze off a skin tag. That is the one thing that is odd to me about the whole thing.

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It can’t hurt terribly, can it. If I some wart remover i’d try it. But it looks like a special flat tool to get at the base of the tag in the commercial whereas the wart stuff just drops on the wart. Am I remembering right?

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I just spoke to the pharmacist today. Apparently, Dr. Scholls made a very limited quantity not knowing how the product would sell. They obviously had no idea what they had on their hands as the stores report that they can’t keep it on their shelves. The pharmacist reports that the product isn’t available until further notice as they need to make ALOT more. I even checked in the states today with a pharmacy there. Their word “we’re waiting for it to come in but haven’t seen it yet – we’ve had 5 people ask for it today alone”

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I understand that it is very expensive so I snipped a few and the one that was too big to snip – I tried wart remover. Didn’t hurt. If you are going to snip I recommend you hold an ice cube on it first. I removed two from my eye lid – only problem was when I went to put on mascara the next day I discovered I had cut my eye lashes as well. But at least now my eye shadow doesn’t have little growths growing up through it.

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@faye The wart remover I have uses something that looks kind of like a fat Q-tip as an applicator for the freeze stuff.

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Ever since I saw the commercial I have tried to find it. The skin tag remover is not even a listed product on the Dr Scholls website. I have paid up to $20 just to have over 5 tags removed by the doctor! What a mess because they use silver nitrate… you have black spots all over for awhile.
It seems I get rid of 5 and 6 more pop up somewhere else!
Can’t wait to get some of this tag remover

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I try the Dr Scholl’s skin tag remover, started on Nov 11th, I did 3 treatment for the same little tag and it’s still there.. did 2 more different area , none of them fell off, I thought they would freeze, then dry off and fall, they are the same as before. I followed the instruction to the letter…So ask your pharmacist if someone else they know has try it first, I spent about $35 canadian….Wasted my money…Grr

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@maggiemo Thanks for the first-hand review, and welcome to Fluther! Sadly, I’m having the same problem with a wart on my foot that I treated. That booger hasn’t even changed, let alone gone away. :(

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sigh sounded too good to be true! back to the nailclippers.

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@augustlan one treatment at the docs office for the wart should get rid of it in a week or two.

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the best way to get rid of a skin tag…and this works really well! Tie dental floss really tight at the base of the skin tag leave over night. It will fall off really easy, and the best part of it it’s free!

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I have had skin tags on and off over the years and usually have gone to the doctor and had them removed either with freezing or a freezing / cutting procedure – all free under medicare if there is a reason for the removal – like being on the bra strap line and irritating. I have started to raise a crop of them on my neck though and would really like a simple, at home procedure that doesn’t involve the doctor’s office dental floss – they aren’t long or distinct enough from the surface of the skin to do it before they grow too big. I am willing to give the Dr. Scholl product a shot if I can find it!

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St. Thomas Wal-Mart just got a big shipment in and right now they are on sale for $26.97

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i lost the instructions on my skin tag remover. how long do i place it in the activator and how long do i hold it on the skin tag

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dmv you put it in the activator for 2 – 3 seconds and leave it on the skin tag for 40 seconds. I have used the all 8 applications 2 treatments per tag, and it didn’t remove not even one of them. I am very disappointed in this product, and it’s very expensive since I have a lot of tags to get rid of. I am going to try the dental floss thing though. I am too much of a wimp to cut them off. Don’t buy the product it’s a waste of time and money.

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Thanks, I haven’t got around to buying it, so now I won’t. If you either ice the tag or do it after a hot bath ( what I do) it doen’t hurt much to nip the little suckers off. I am constantly growing new little ones.

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it works. it hurts like hell. it leaves red blotches and sensitive skin behind, but it goes away. takes multiple applications, but they do really disappear. They kinda get dry and fall off. Working on the last few right now. But it leaves a mark, a whitish discoloration of the skin. oh well i’m going to jamaica hopefully it will go away.

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Don’t waste your money on this product. I tried it, and after going through all the applications it didn’t get rid of any of my skin tags. Dr. Scholl’s skin tag remover is expensive and DOES NOT WORK!!

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I’ve always removed my skin tags with an old trick from my mother. She used to tied them very close to the skin with a long hair from anyone of my sisters. In about three days, the little monster dries up and falls without leaving any mark.

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Thanks @Zayi most of mine sre too small for that trick and they are all under my boobs. I wouldn’t be able to see to tie! lol

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HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!Have been trying for a week now. Smaller tag than the one on tv. Froze the skin around it and that all peeled off, scabbing. My was on my neck. I bit the bullet and cut it today. I would never do this again. Leave it to the dr. They know….. Worst 30$ I ever spent. Now I have a big bandaid on my neck.

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So, I have two skin tags. One of them is on the inside of my (sorry) butt cheek….and the other is on the inside of my leg, close to my….“women area”. I’m wondering if any of these things are going to be safe to use in those areas?? The one on my butt, gets irritated sometimes….depending on the underwear that I wear (im guessing). Any suggestions???

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@Candance87 I’d go to the dermatologist for those.

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Ok so here is a new approach that does work. I had these little alligator clips from Radio Shack. They come 3 or 4 to a pack and they look like little tiny jumper cable ends. I had trouble trying to tie something on the tags, but clamping one of these little clips on the tag is no problem. Very minor sting for just a few seconds. Leave it on overnight. The tag is deprived of blood, turns black in one night and falls off within days. Just be sure to sterilize, use antibiotic cream after, etc.

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Wonderful! I’ll try that.

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I use sewing thread to tie around the base of the tag to cut off the blood supply. Eventually they fall off or you can pull/cut them off once they are shrivelled looking.

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I’m in Chicago and can’t find any of these products, not even online. I was looking for one Compound W has out that includes a protective circle that goes around the tag so the surrounding skin doesn’t get affected by the solution. We have TV info-mercials for
“Tag Away™ – As Seen On TV –
Natural, Safe Skin Tag Removal. Buy 1 Get 1 Offer. Only $19.99!
Natural Ingredients
Safe Tag Removal No Scarring
Pain-Free ”
but I don’t know anyone who’s tried it and I’m not sure I want to be the first. I had my dermatologist freeze a wart on my thumb a few months ago and I was in pain for 2 weeks. No way I’m going to let him mess with the tag under my boob. Maybe I’ll try the dental floss before wasting $$$.

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I have used a product called Thuja on my warts. It was painless, but took a few weeks. I also used it on my son’s warts with great success. The main ingredient in the Tag Away is the same stuff. Costs around $10. I would give it a try before using the freeze stuff.

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Just throwing my 2c worth in here. I had a wart-like growth on my upper leg, it drove me crazy. One day i was browsing wart remover at CVS, and i found some bandaids, that had wart remover in them..i decided to try. The box held 1 appication, I think you put it on, and changed the bandaid every couple of days for a week.. Omg it worked like a charm, no scar, mark, anything. I know it has nothing to do with skin tags, actually i’m looking for something for that also.

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Dr. Scholl’s Skin Tag Remover is an inexpensive, simple-to-use medication that safely removes skin tags. Although for me it took 2 treatments, it really worked. But obviously, before using it, you must make sure any growths on your skin are not malignant, so get it checked by a doctor first.

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