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Any teachers using a Smartboard in their classroom?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) November 15th, 2009

I wrote a grant last year that awarded me a Smartboard among other things. I am getting familiar with it, and am wondering how other teachers have used it in their classrooms. Specifically, in what capacity your students use it. I teach 5th grade, but am interested in any grade level/subject area ideas.

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I have some familiarity with it (some of my HS teachers had one) and my mom has one in her classroom, too. She teaches a ½ combo, so I’m not sure if that’s going to be any help to you.

I know that she shows videos and does vocab stuff on it, as well as playing computer games together (such as I Spy), but like I said…not too useful for 5th grade, eh?

I guess it depends on how much prep work you want to do. Do you want more info?

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Yes, more info on how the kids (or you) are/were able to directly interact with the board. Thanks!

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Well, you (or the students) can write or type directly on the board, as well as moving things around (such as windows).

It’s great for when you want to show examples of how to do things, in say, Powerpoint or Excel. (Do you teach any of these programs to your kids? My mom does basic Powerpoint and Word lessons that the kids adore.)

If you’re doing math, you can put some problems in Notebook (I think that’s what it’s called) then have students come up and try to solve them. It’s a great warmup in the morning or before a worksheet.

I’m not sure what kind of reading/language teaching is done in 5th grade, so I can’t really comment on that. (Let me know, though, and I can give you some ideas.)

Science and social studies videos, images and diagrams can be shown on the smart board (so it’s sort of like a projector), with you or the students circling or drawing an arrow to important points.

What kind of objectives do you have in your classroom? For instance, my mom has to teach specific math objectives (double-digit addition), specific language objectives, etc.

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The teachers at the school I was at used them. They would using the ‘Notepad’ application then could print off all the notes and hand them out, which was nice.

Note for the students: When the teacher is writing on the board – thrown an eraser or something at the board. It makes the pen jump to the spot where the eraser hit and you end up with a big line from where the pen was to where the eraser hit :D

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PBS has some fun interactive games to play with the kids. I think it’s great because you can reach all levels of learners through games.

Also- PBS has a wonderful teachers section that has a nice community feature on it. If Fluther doesn’t give you enough info I would suggest posting there as well.

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I’ve used smartboards in some of the schools I’ve been in. They are such a fantastic means of incorporating ICT within the classroom. I found them a little tricky to write on at first but once you get the hang of them..

Some classes I conducted we used the smartboard for EVERYTHING. I wrote in the notebook program just like I would on a normal whiteboard and got the kids up to write their responses to questions also- which they loved.

I used to create a lot of PowerPoint slideshows for the kids as you can use graphics, links & videos within.

I would often connect to the web whilst talking about a certain topic- It was great to be able to back up my stories with resources such as photos, videos, examples etc.

What kind of ICT resources do you currently use in the classroom with your students?

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Smart boards are the best invention ever!!! I use mine heaps, as you can save your brain storming or shared write until the next day and have it as evidence!!! There are some awsome websites out there that have games etc.. on them for you to use for your maths starters
is a good site to get you started. the company who make smartboards!!
these are useful units too!

Have fun and just explore, if you go into gallery there are paper backgrounds, scenary, it really is a case of stay late one night and play!!!

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Our school had smart boards; they’re especially useful when teaching math because you get to move shapes and stuff around.

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what is a smart board?

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@pterodactylover808 this is a smart board hope this helps :0)

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All my teachers use it, it is very helpful especially when it can take a picture of a worksheet and show it on the smart board that is very helpful because it shows you exacly where your teacher is at. All the classrooms in my high school has one.
You can use a laser and point it at the smart board and the smart board will actually think that someone is pressin on it and it will go to whatever you put the laser on.

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(Can they double as dry erase boards? They are made of the same material…)

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I do and love it.

I use it with all kinds of things but really love using it with Quizlet ( which is free and has all kinds of games the kids love. They especially love Scatter-a drag and drop game!

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@crankywithakeyboard Thank you for this link ^ I’m going to use it!

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