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Quickbooks. How do I get rid of old items on the reconciliation screen?

Asked by grrgold (88points) November 16th, 2009

When I reconcile my checking account I get a list of items that need reconciliation, including some that are 8+ months old that have a) never cleared, or b) somehow lost the reconciliation mark.
How do i handle these? just keep them on there without reconciling and deal with it? can i check them off so they no longer appear on my recon screen? other suggestions?

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Create a category for reconciliation problems, put all those transactions into the problems category so that the resolved balance is zero and date all the transactions to an earlier time than the beginning of your fiscal year.

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You have to figure out why the items did not clear your account even if they were six months old Someone might be holding them for deposit for some unknown reason.

My daughter was a college freshman, made out a check for a mission retreat and it was not cashed for almost six months. Makes no sense but it happened.

If you are sure the checks will not be cashed, mark them void and remove them from your list of outstanding checks on the next reconciliation that you do.

That’ll solve the problem

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I used QB for my records. And I agree with @srmorgan. They aren’t reconciled for a reason, and you need to find out what that reason is…contact the person you wrote the check to, and put a stop payment on it if you need to.
Don’t know what the average amount is, but I know my checking account couldn’t handle an unexpected transaction.

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