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what are some good alternatives to flickr for photo sharing?

Asked by row4food (3039points) February 13th, 2008

i’ve been using flickr for a few months, a free account. i have reached my 200 photo limit and it prompts me to upgrade to a pro for 25 dollars. before i give my money to flickr, are there better places to share my photos? (also in case microsoft makes some deal with yahoo…) i’ve seen smugmug but i don’t know anyone who uses it/details.

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Flickr is undoubtedly the best photo-sharing site on the planet. With that said, there are other alternatives like zooomr that offer the same services that flickr does for free. But Flickr has an awesome set of tools (expecially the new picnik integeration) and a wonderful community that zooomr lacks. But if you just want a site to share your photos go for zooomr

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I use Zooomr exclusively and, mirza’s right, there are definitely some things lacking. But, it’s fun to be part of a site where they’re taking on the Goliath of the niche. That said, there are also growing pains, like right now where they’re migrating some data to overseas servers and none of my photos are available.

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