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How can I improve my concentration?

Asked by sebastian_von_tulu (1024points) November 16th, 2009

I have trouble keeping focus on small and repetitive tasks, or most things that disinterest me. I might also start daydreaming while doing something I typically enjoy (such as reading or watching a film) and find that I have to go back over whichever part I missed, sometimes several times.

I’ve recently been using a free trial of Lumosity but I’m not sure whether I’ll be forking out for the slightly pricey subscription any time soon.

Any ideas to improve my concentration?

Thanks in advance.

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Try meditating and clearing your mind. It really helps you relax and concentrate.

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You could consider getting a Nintendo DS, and the game “Brain Age”. It has very similar games as Lumosity, and it is only $20. You can find used DS’s on Amazon or eBay for pretty cheap too.

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Somehow, asking for help about focusing on work related tasks on a site where people go to piddle their time away seems like a bad idea

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You might not want to go this route, but you could take meds like ritalin or adderall to improve you’re focus.

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@Shuttle128 Haha, you’re probably right.

@reacting_acid I have tried meditating in the past but found it incredibly difficult to clear my mind.

@buckyboy28 I have been thinking of getting a DS for this reason but it will probably become more of a distraction. It’s an idea though.

@Parrappa Hmm, not really. However, do you know of any herbal alternatives?

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To be honest, try not doing things that disinterest you, i get bored fairly easy because i figure things out to quickly, once i figure something out im bored with it..

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Stop worrying about it.

I am he same way. Sometimes you just have to say fuck it.

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I’ve read that CoenzymeQ10 helps with mental clarity and focus. And I bet a health food store would help.

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Just because something is hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying to do it.

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A little backstory on why I posted the Q:

My lack of concentration is mainly a problem while I’m at work where I’m order picking. It means that I can’t just stop and get a coffee or do something else and come back to it. I’m constantly doing the same thing over and over and over, and over until my brain just says $@#% it, I’m off. Until I’m doing something I love for a living I need to be able to focus on menial tasks, or I’m not going to be in this job (or other jobs) very long.

Thanks @faye I’ll try Holland & Barret sometime this week.


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1. get up early every morning
2. meditate
3. do short 10 minute execerise
4. list things you are grateful for (in the morning when you wake up and when you go to
bad, this keeps you focus on the sky)
5. start being curise (ask your self alot questions to clear your concious)


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I’ll try it. I’m up at 4am every morning for work anyway ;)

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