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Do you sleep with your eyes open or know someone who does?

Asked by OutOfTheBlue (916points) November 16th, 2009

Just curious if anyone else sleeps with there eyes open like i do, and maybe why we do it?

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My little sister used to, I don’t know if she does, but it was wierd, and she was really fast asleep

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I do, almost half-open sometimes. It freaks my friends out. No idea why (re either of those).

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I know it is weird, a few of ex’s where really freaked out by it at first, i remember one time waking up to one of them asking if i was ok, of course i was fine and sleeping, but they thought there was something wrong.

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I was told by an opthamologist that my left eye does not completely shut? But it is barely noticeable. My exboyfriend had a relative that would open his eyes a little during sleep, or at least when he was drunk, that is the only time I saw him sleep, passed out at a party.

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I once knew a guy named Crash Kilgroe. He got his nickname because of what happened to him when he rode motorcycles. Scar tissue prevented him from ever closing his eyes. It was quite odd to see him asleep.

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@nxknxk I do the exact same thing, eyes are half open, ive noticed it also induces REM sleep faster, and causes the dreams to come on much faster, especially when the TV is on.

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I remember Gandalf did that once

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One of my exes sometimes slept with her eyes partially open. It was kind of weird and unnerving.

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This girl I knew when I was younger did. She had big doe eyes (very pretty), but it made it creepier

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LOL!! Trust me i know all about it creeping people out especially the lady’s, i guess i have done it since i was young, and pretty much all of my girlfriends have seen it, so i have heard about the freaky part.

I am more curious as to why we do it though..

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@PretentiousArtist, that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw this question too :P

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OMG! so many patients- I worked a lot of night shifts.

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I do it, only when I fall asleep from being bored. I started doing that my freshmen year in high school.

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My cousin’s husband sleeps with his eyes half-open. He claims he was forced to learn sleeping this way because they didn’t like Jews in the Russian army and one of his friends got his throat slashed open during the night.

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My 7 year old son will sleep with his eyes about half open sometimes. Its really creepy. I will stand in his room and watch him sometimes. I think he’s in a really deep sleep when he is doing this. I would love to take a pic of him but I don’t want to wake him.

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