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How do you get the "Loading..." or "Buffering..." images over videos that are played on video websites like youtube

Asked by r0ck80y (18points) February 13th, 2008
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If you’re looking for a static image, you can just take a screenshot when the “Loading…” or “Buffering…” frame appears.

If you’re looking for a spinner image, you can build a customized one here.

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If you’re talking specifically about flash video (judging by your topics) on the code end you need to check some properties of the FLVPlayback or VideoPlayer instance you’re dealing with. I’d suggest using FLVPlayback because it has the property “buffering” which returns a boolean. The instance will also dispatch the following very handy events: VideoEvent.STATE_CHANGE and VideoEvent.BUFFERING_STATE_ENTERED though just the STATE_CHANGE event should suffice.

So listen for the state change event and when you receive it, check the buffering property of the FLVPlayback instance then display an image or text over the video as you desire.

FYI, these classes are all in the namespace.

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