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How to convert cpi and mpl files?

Asked by AshlynM (10678points) November 17th, 2009

Apparently my canon hg20 avchd camcorder has all these weird files I’ve neer heard of.

Mpl, cpi and mts. I’ve tried avs video converter, prism and neither work. Prism will only convert mts files and the playback is extremely choppy.

Does anyone know of a free video converter that handles mpl and cpi files specifically?

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Mac or PC?

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You may find this article interesting… A friend of mine recently had similar challenges using his canon camera and ended up using apple’s iMovie. If you are on a Mac, this would also be an option for you. (See this list).

Otherwise…. check the article I linked to. It will also explain what these various types of files are for.

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I am using a toshiba satellite. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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I should also mention I am running on Vista 32 bit.

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Have you tried the software that came with the camera? It should have come with Pixela ImageMixer 3SE that should allow you to edit and export the video. It is for Window Vista. You should be able to download updates and the like through

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Actually, I have lost the disc that came with it so I am seeking other alternatives.

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I would go to the Cannon website and see if the software that came with the camera is available for download. If you can’t find it call their tech support and they will in all likeliness be able to send you a download link.

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