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What is the softest bed sheet I can buy?

Asked by comfy27 (1points) November 17th, 2009

I want the softed most luxurious sheets possible. Any suggestions?

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Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Sets – Some Facts

Egyptian cotton has not gained such a reputation without reason. Egyptian cotton “is” the world’s finest cotton and the following characteristics are what sets Egyptian cotton apart from other natural fibers:

The length of the fiber makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn

The strength of the fiber makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress

Its ability to absorb liquids gives fabrics made of Egyptian cotton deeper, brighter and more resistant colors

Its softness feels like nothing else in the world

Egyptian cotton is hand picked which guarantees the highest levels of purity. In addition, hand picking puts no stress on the fibers – as opposed to mechanical picking – leaving the fibers straight and intact.

All these factors have resulted in the Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world. Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton in the world.

The Egyptian Cotton Logo™ (ECL) is a sign representing this superior quality. It is used on products made from 100% Egyptian Barbadense Cotton.

The Logo is licensed in Egypt to cotton growers that follow specific growing instructions complying with the ECL standards.

The Egyptian Cotton Logo™ is owned and marketed by Cotton Egypt™ and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Trade.

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I love my flannel sheets in the wintertime, although this year, also enjoying sheets that are made out of thick stretchy teeshirt material.

Egyptian cotton sounds great, but I shop at lower end stores for basics like sheets.

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I have ordered egyptian cotton 1000 count sheets on for reasonable prices, and they are wonderful, have a very deep shoulder which is also important so they stay taut on the mattress.

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Flannel sheets are definitely the best, in my opinion! Oh flannel how I love thee!

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Jersey sheets are my favorite.

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A friend has bamboo sheets that are the softest things ever—they remind me of jersey.

But—make sure you feel them before you by. Some bamboo is super soft, some not.

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I love nice sheets of all kinds (except satin… too damn slippery!). By far my favorite sheets are micro-fleece. These are the ones I have, and they’re not even very expensive! They make for the comfiest bed you can imagine. :)

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