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What are the chances of a good instant messenger like the one on the sidekick will be released for the iPhone when the SDK comes out?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) February 14th, 2008 from iPhone

my phone prior to theniphone was the sidekick 3 and the instant messenger is flawless.. Unfortunately this is one of the few thing that theniphone lacks. Will a similar messenger probable when the SDK is released? I can’t take these webapp versions anymore..

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If you’re interesting in jailbreaking your iPhone (which is well worth it if you’re using AT&T, firmware hacks with other providers are a pain in the a**) there are two really great chat apps.


Have you used JiveTalk? I found it’s almost identical to iChat and works great. I know some of the other webapps can be a bit janky, but this one is spot on in my opinion.

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AOL are already developing AIM for iPhone, and it is likely that others will follow quickly. Although it hasn’t been announced, rumours point to the Adium team producing a version of their app for the iPhone. See

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fallstand I was a SK3 user to and I go thru AIM withdrawls to, so I hope its just like the sk aim. If you watched the March 6th presentation on it kind of shows you how it works. It looks like it would be a pretty good AIM program! I am super excited for it, i just like putting up away messages and funny icons! lol.

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You want Audium. Trust Me.

Apollo and MobileChat don’t work on firmware 1.1.4 just so you know!

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