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How is your local Public Works Department?

Asked by aphilotus (2926points) November 17th, 2009

Are they very transparent? Do you know when things are scheduled to be rebuilt or fixed? Do things get fixed often?

I live in Pittsburgh, and our Public Works department seems super-understaffed, so they always seem to have twenty things to take care of before they can come fix your pothole. Calling them always gets vague answers “Oh, it’ll be done in a few weeks.”

Are there any Public Works success stories? Have you reported something and seen it fixed that day? How do you think Public Works can do better?

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Ours are great! They are well dressed; kind of stand out in their gloworange coveralls as they clean all the trash that collects at the side of all our nice highways and country roads. And their supervisors are pretty cool on their sleek quarterhorses with their shotgun laid across the saddle.

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I would like to be one. I never see them doing anything but leaning on shovels and having a good yarn.

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Well mine can start by not doing stupid things like turning off the water all day on a Saturday in the middle of wedding season so nobody can get ready to go without finding somewhere else to shower. And standing around doing nothing a good bit of the time, necessitating them being yelled out by a stinky girl with somewhere to be. ;D

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@virtualist around here, we call those prisoners.

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Our local Public Works Dept does the best they can with what they have to work with. Sure, they dont fix every pot hole, but who really wants to be the one that gets the call in January at 3 am to dig up a water main that has snapped underground? Not me, that’s for damn sure.

Tonight on the news they said the city wil probably forego plowing the streets to save money. Thankfully, both my wife and I have 4 wheel drive trucks, so unplowed roads won’t be a problem for us.

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Ours is four guys and two trucks. They are all related to to the old families here. When my road has too many potholes and not enough road, I simply call Bobby and ask him to put us on the list. They always have the main roads plowed before dawn.

The supervisor ran (Rep.) uncontested as Town Road Person in the most recent election and won by a landslide. (We have those here also.)

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