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In the wintertime, how often do you wash your car?

Asked by pattyb (786points) February 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I rarely find my self going to a car wash in the winter. It just seems like a waste to pay 9$ (NY) and the car stays clean for like 1/2 a day. In the warmer months I like to do it myself about 3 times a month. I do feel guilty about neglecting the paint, with the road salt and all.

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never. i rarely wash my car as it is. i don’t really see the point to be honest. unless you have a corporate image to uphold . . . then it’s just a means of transportation. what’s the point in spending the money to just clean a hunk of polluting metal [: plus the water and electricity (if using a car wash and not in your drive way) is a waste of resources (to me, at least. everyone hast their opinions). i see your point with the road salt, though. cleaning that affects more than the paint and keeping the necessities straight helps your car last longer (heck, mine’s 34 years old. . .). but if it’s just to keep your car shiny then i don’t see much of a point to it.

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The same number of times I wash it in other seasons: zero.

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I’d never do it in the winter myself. It’s not worth catching cold for.

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I’m pretty much in the same boat as the guy who shot the sheriff ^. I very rarely wash my car as it is because I feel like its a waste. Of course, I have to park in a gravel lot all the time, so it’d be pointless anyway.

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I wash mine about once a month all year long. I use a fifty cent car wash and I spend about $1.50 each time.

@ishotthesheriff electricity is a renewable resource, we can make more. As far as the water goes, it can be purified and reused. Its not like it dissappears after it runs down the drain. Sure, vehicles pollute, but I find it much more enjoyable and less time consuming if I drive as I commute or travel.

Back on the washing issue, keeping your vehicle clean also helps protect it as an investment. Anyone price vehicles? How about paint jobs? Neither is cheap. Keeping it clean and waxed protects the paint and clear coat over the paint and also makes your vehicle look good giving others a good impression of you. :)

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I have to agree

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Same as all the other seasons—whenever I get around to it. Usually about once every month or two. Of course, I live in Florida. What’s road salt?

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I live on a dirt road; the grit erodes the paint. In winter I leave my car ungaraged when it rains and is above freezing. The soil here is full of clay which clogs up things so I hose off car in nice weather.

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@randy Electricity is not quite renewable, depending on where it comes from. Coal fired power plants are not renewable. _

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i am a princess. whenever my hired help get around to washing it, then it gets washed. although i know it is good to do. most of the time we have to plug in our cars up here. this is NOT living. poor cars.

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@perchik Sure coal power plants arnt renewable, but what about alternatives like hydro, solar or wind powered electricity? I don’t see those running out anytime soon.

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Majority of our energy doesn’t come from those sources. Until it does, I don’t plan on treating electricity like a renewable resource

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But that doesn’t hide the fact that it can. All I’m saying is it CAN be made by resources that ARE renewable. Believe it or not, that’s a pretty factual statement. Wind and the suns rays are gonna be around. If not, we have way bigger problems than washing cars and preserving the planet. My small town uses hydroelectric power to help cut back on the use of the nonrenewable resources. That shows some places are making a shift to help cut back. If you are affraid electricity isnt renewable, then why would electric cars be a step in the right direction for saving nonrenewable resources?

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well sure it CAN be, but we HAVE to get past this mindset of taking everything for advantage, you know?
b/c electric cars use less energy to keep running COMPARED to internal combustion vehicles.
sure, hydroelectricity is great. truly. but the major polluters are transportation and the meat industry (not trying to force my views on vegetarianism/veganism at all, just stating a fact). research it, it’s all very interesting.
i just think people need to open up their minds and look deeper into the things and the effects of every day activities, you know?

what’s everyone elses perspective?

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I definately see your point, but I don’t exactly share it in the same way. I think we should do things to take care of the planet, don’t get me wrong. What I don’t agree with is moving back technologically to achieve this. For instance, giving up a vehicle, home, lights, water or any other convience. If you wanted to compleatly get rid of everything that harms the planet, you have to get rid of bovine because of the methane they naturally produce and volcanos because of their harmful eruptions. I do agree we could do more to try harder, but untill something better and more cost efficent comes along, i will use what i use now. What a spin off from sesional car washing. Hahaha!

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Now I have to feel guilty about washing my car….Nah I don’t think so. I work hard for my money, and the car was not given to me. Nothing wrong with a little “pride of ownership” !

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During the winter months, I wash my car every 3 weeks to remove road salt and grit. I live in Wisconsin, and the amount of salt on the roads will rust out the panels on a car in a matter of just a few years if you don’t take precautions. It’s not the paint I’m worried about – salt rusts metal. I learned my lesson the hard way when I first moved north (from Virginia).

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only when its like Whoa this shit needs a washing…. winter maybe once or twice depending on how salty and durrty it looks… older car not too concern.

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