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Can anyone recommend some nice piano music?

Asked by Foolaholic (5796points) November 17th, 2009

I’m looking for arrangements or music that are similar to Larry Goldings School Song, off the James Taylor album One Man Band. Preferably, I’m looking for songs that are mellow and genteel, preformed by just piano.

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You might want to find piano arrangements of George Gershwin’s compositions. His most famous is Rhapsody in Blue. He also wrote Summertime.

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There is an album (well, a CD) called Songs without Words has some great piano only music on it. It is one of my favorite CDs.

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Several mellow piano artists are Jim Brickman, Chris Rice, and Fernando Ortega.

They all have numerous albums out which you would most likely enjoy.

A record label with a reputation for relaxing, mellow, new-agey type of music is Wyndham Hill and they most likely have additional piano artists in their catalog.

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Finally my chance to shine and show I’m more than just muscles! Just kidding I don’t play the piano but Yann Tiersen does. You’ve most likely already heard some of his music. Probably in the movie: ‘Amelie’, or his song: ‘Comptine d’un autre ete : L’apres midi’ which is used as a backdrop in many short films and clips.


Edit: As I read your question again, I get the feeling you don’t want to just listen to the music, but learn how to play it. Listening to the song I realize you’re not looking for anything like Yann Tiersen (but I’m not removing it, for he sir, is awesome!). So without further ado, here is my second answer:


Randy Newman and Ben Folds are well known for their piano work, they’ve got some uptempo repertoire and some slow songs (especially Ben tends to get a bit dramatic).

Randy Newman -> Louisiana 1927, Sail away, You’ve Got A Friend In Me but you probably know him from his song: Short people or his song: It’s a jungle out there (theme from Monk the tv series).

Ben Folds -> Bastard, Annie waits, Not the same, and here is a list of songs he did with the Western Australian Orchestra (ASO).

Who could forget Elton John (his early work from the 70’s), but I’ll let you find their own songs. Also try using for exploring new or similar music. This link will show you what they think are artists similar to Larry Goldings.

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I really enjoy this song (a Chopin nocturne) by Vladimir Ashkenazy.

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Danny Wright has a series of CD’s (I still want to say Albums) called Black and White.
They are what you are looking for!

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@aprilsimnel : I LOVE Rhapsody in Blue! It’s one of my all time favorite pieces. It’s freaking brilliant.

@markyy : Major lurve for Ben Folds. Not the Same is my all time favorite of his.

I like to play Rondo Alla Turca
and Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 by Liszt and one of my fave’s from when I was younger (and still is) was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Edit: I am not nearly as good as the people on youtube.

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Anything from George Winston.

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Rick Wakeman’s
“Night Airs”
“Sea Airs”
“Aspirant Sunrise”

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search with tastekid. enter a name of a favourite piano artist and it will recommend you similar music. hope it works :)

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@sea shell Welcome to Fluther. Lurve.

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Schumann’s Traumerei and Chopin’s A major prelude are both nice, quiet and genteel.

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