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Techniques for skipping the lift-ticket line @ Heavenly?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) February 14th, 2008

Woo hoo! snowboarding here I come! VIVA EL DEPORTE SOLO! I don’t have to rent any gear,so I just want to lay down first tracks and not have to stand in a ticket line.

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be the first one on line…get there super early…

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Don’t go to Heavenly…

Sugar Bowl and Alpine Meadows have the least crowds in Tahoe IMO.

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but it’s ten minutes away!!! that and I’m not driving.

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Aww, well then, be an early bird or make friends with the lift operator!

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Or maybe check online sites to see if you can buy tickets in advance? I think Costco sells them in 2-packs for a discount as well.

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tried that, you can purchase a ticket at Lucky grocery stores. I can’t find any near me (inner richmond) in SF.

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if its indoors, just go early and watch a movie on ur iPod while your waiting in line.

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