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Asked by curtaincall (124points) February 14th, 2008 from iPhone

what are your thoughts on 2012? Are you preparing or do you dismiss as a possible future foe humanity and mankind

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In 1987, my brother gave me a booklet that gave 88 reasons why the rapture would be in 1988. No, I’m not too worried about it.

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I’m not worried either. I grew up heavily around church, and even though I’ve slacked off a bit on it, I still believe that no one will know or predict when the world will end.

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People have been predicting the end of mankind for thousands of years. I’m not too worried about it. I love surprises.

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I think I’m missing something… why the year 2012?

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the mayans and a few other groups have predicted the end of the world in that year. Nostrosamus (i don’t know if spelling is correct) I believe theorized it as well.

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Bullshit, pure and simple.

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sure, it MIGHT end december 2012. but you can’t stop it and or do anything against it. worrying about the future does nothing.
live in today. stop thinking about tomorrow, start thinking about today.

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What is so special about 2012? Are the winter olympics going to cause the world to implode on itself? What would MacGuyver do?

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I agree compleatly with ishotthesheriff on this. What does it matter. How will you even attempt to stop it? Just do your thing now. :)

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@ishotthesheriff i completely agree with you.

As far as my thoughts on december 12th 2012 I like the idea theroized by Terence Mckenna

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If it were 2024, we’d send John Connor back from the future to form a resistance army to save mankind :)

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It might happen in 2012, but then it might happen tomorrow. So drink up, folks. This could be your last appletini ever.

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you know 2012, i wont be college student any more,and i ll be 26 years old,maybe i got my selff’s house get a amazing work and even personal business,
i really expect that

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2012 would be very interesting. Let me explain in pure scientific point of view. In 2012, dec, the sun will be align to galactic center of our milky way galaxy viewed from earth, and also vernar point (intersection between earth equatorial plane and solar ecliptic plane) will be in 90 degree with Galactic plane. This event happens very rare, once every ~26k years. What this means? When the two forces are placed in normal position (means 90 degree each other), their influence (i.e., torque) each other is greatest. Since earth is so small compared to galaxy, the effect will be mostly felt at earth. The effect will be mostly on earth spin along it’s axis, which is responsible for earth magnetic generation. When this spin is disturbed, earth magnetric field will be disturbed as well… This means earth could alter (or even lose) it’s shield against solar wind that happens to be at maximum on 2012 as well. In addition, due to magnetic field disturd on earth, earthquake and volcanic activity will happen. Some people might find shelters escaping this catastrophic events on earth. But real important thing is the influence of earth magnetic filed on human consciousness. Recent research shows that when you apply magnetic field on human brain, the subject’s consciousness is changed, i.e., perception to the reality is altered, and the view on overall life is changed. In other words, human consciousness on the earth will be altered (evolved?) as the earth magnetic filed is changed. It could be subtle, but the collective effect would be powerful.
Now, you would undestand why people talk about catastrophe and at the same time evolution of human consciousness in 2012.
What we can do? I think there is nothing we can do on this event true or false. I would die when and if mother earth and mother galaxy decide to do so. As you know, death is nothing but another start.
Hope this help. For sharing more information, please let me know.


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@scsong71, Now that’s some good information! Do you have sources for it? Links, preferably?

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@scsong71 any links for @absolutely’s appletini?
Thanks for the great info…

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@scsong71: “It could be subtle, but the collective effect would be powerful. ” could be insignificant.

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I remember a college classmate mentioned the end of the world in 1988. I asked him gently how did he know because only God knows when. He couldn’t give me an answer. That was 20 years ago.

Enjoy today and tomorrow.

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The humanoid species will implode, I’m mentally preparing myself by jogging regularly.

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The world is not going to end in 2012. Here are some predictions and the true facts behind them.

2012 myth: A planet called ‘Nibiru’ will collide with the earth in December 2012.

Fact: The planet Nibiru does not exist. It has never been seen by any astronomers. The claim was first made by an obscure sci-fi author and was latched onto by conspiracy theorists. They claim that the planet is ’‘invisible’’ but this is impossible. It would also be impossible for the government to conceal a new planet as it would be tracked by academics and amateur astronomers worldwide.

Mayan calendar
2010 myth: The world will end at the same time as the Mayan calendar in December 2012.

Fact: There have been thousands of calendars in use over the years. Calendars, whether contemporary or ancient, cannot predict the future of our planet or warn of things to happen on a specific date such as 2012. Digital clocks reset at 23.59 each night to 00.00 but the world continues. Calendars go from December 31 to January 1 each year but the world continues.

Earth’s rotation
2012 myth: An alignment of planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way, could revers the Earth’s rotational or disrupt the Earth’s gravitational field.

Fact: A reversal in the rotation of Earth is impossible. It has never happened and never will. It would be like a basketball that is spinning on somebody’s finger suddenly stopping and going the other way.

With regard to the Earth’s gravitational field, the magnetic polarity of Earth does take place around every 400,000 years but scientists don’t believe it will take place for another few millennia and there is no evidence it would do any harm.

2012 myth: The end of the world in 2012 coincides with a prediction by sixteenth century seer Nostradamus.

Fact: There’s no evidence that Nostradamus has correctly predicted anything. His vague writings are based on imagery and metaphor and can be interpreted in many different ways.

2012 film
2012 myth: The film ‘2012’ is a warning sign or prediction that the world is due to end shortly.

Fact: The film uses a sophisticated PR campaign which incorporates elements of ‘viral’ marketing. The trailer for the film plays on conspiracy theorists’ fears that the truth is being somehow hidden by directing viewers to a ‘faux scientific’ website. Did the events in Jurassic park, Jumanji, or Men in Black ever happen? Quite simply, Hollywood bossed have used fears, rumours and scaremongering to make money at the box-office

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Think about it.. how long have we been hearing about this 2012 issue? Noy long, ey..
Yeah well, better wonder why so suddenly, so close to the actual dreaded date and so intensly this idea breaks loose..
If it really had anything to do with, for instance, the mayan calendar, shouldn’t we suppose some squirt of information would’ve leaked out somewhere in time before now…?
Some scholars would’ve mentioned the fact long before now, had they actually found any such details in Nostradamus’ quatrines.
I can just hope that it is some design of a conspirational plan, yes.. but as an incentive for us silly humans to improve as a species. (according to some sources this date would be the time of a revolution of consciousness..) what the hell.. why not, I say. Even if it’s just a placebo for now.. if it leads to catharsis.. “fiat lux”.

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