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So what can I take/drink/eat that will energize me if I have ADD/ADHD?

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (933points) November 18th, 2009

I have ADD/ADHD and drinking caffeinated drinks, or taking Adderall makes me sleepy or sick. So what I can take that will energize me if anything made to do so has the opposite effect?

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Exercise keeps me awake and helps me concentrate. If I can run or bike for at least 30 minutes, it tremendously improves the rest of my day.

I have been prescribed Ritalin in the past. It helped for a few weeks, but seemed to lose effectiveness.

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That is not what is supposed to happen.
Prior to my being diagnosed with adult ADHD about 15 years ago, I was a caffeine junkie: coffee, mountain dew, a delightful southern drink called SunDrop which has more caffeine than anything else on the market, I needed the boost in order to concentrate on one thing, as opposed to bouncing around from here to there thinking I was multitasking.

Same thing with all forms of methylphenidrate. Ritalin, Concerta, Vyvanse are all amphetamine based medications and you should be “up” if anything, not sleepy. Adderall also contains dexedrine which ought to be keeping you from falling asleep big-time.

Are you sure you have been diagnosed correctly?
A lot of physicians see depression with ADD/ADHD and will prescribe an anti-depressant to go along with Ritalin but those dosages are ordinarily not strong enough to act like you describe.

Talk to your physician about this, his or her advice will be more valid than anything you read on Fluther.


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Ginseng extract. It’s expensive – usually around $15 – and comes in an eyedropper bottle. You can get it at a health food store or GNC-type place. It tastes awful, so squirt an eyedropperful down the back of your throat or mix it into some orange juice. It works pretty well for a more natural energy boost.

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I have a suggestion of what not to eat or drink. don’t have highly sugary food or drink or you will hit a wall eventually. keep your sugar level steady and don’t ignore. (though as a hypoglycemic, I would say this.)

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@srmorgan I’ve been diagnosed correctly, thank you

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@srmorgan That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen, actually.

The test for kids that my mother has some parents do is to give the kid a Mountain Dew for lunch. If it brings them down, they might do well with medication. If it picks them up, not. This is only for kids that are suspected of being ADD.

Sounds like @AlyxCaitlin has indeed been diagnosed correctly.

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Try a glass of warm milk.

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@AlyxCaitlin Some people can’t tolerate certain things, some people have opposite reactions to things. Benadryl has some people bouncing off the walls. Happens! :)

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@AlyxCaitlin I stand corrected.

Aside from myself, one of my sons has ADD and his meds keep him charged during the day. Then he is very tired right after dinner, the medication having worn off around an hour or two earlier.

Takes all kinds, I suppose

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