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Do you know any men who at public restrooms choose to urinate into toilet bowl INSTEAD of using urinals.

Asked by artemisdivine (1092points) February 14th, 2008

Is there any kind of hidden shame/ostracism you experience from other users of the premises. Is it RARE to use the toilet bowl versus the urinal. Why do they do this. Are they afraid of being checked out by other guys? Girls dont have a choice so it is strange to us (and a complete PITA). Are guys ever so nervous they cannot pee when others are in the restroom (I actually KNOW girls who cannot go when others are in the same room).

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If I have a choice, I’ll use the toilet. I prefer privacy, plus public bathrooms can be sketchy places.

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I too prefer a toilet stall. Mainly, I just prefer not to be in the company of men without all of us covering our privates. No shame or ostracism, just more relaxed. I’m not afraid of being checked out by other guys, but if another guy checks me out, I will notice and be alert for what’s going on – but I don’t think that’s ever happened to me though since I grew up.
Oh, also, wall urinals just look weird, unappealing, and splattery to me.

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its very common to use a toilet instead of a urinal. It simply affords one more privacy, and for those of us who are pee shy, that helps. There is no negative connotation associated with choosing a stall over a urinal. You will get some very warey looks if you choose a urinal right next to someone if urinals further away are available.

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It seems like a waste of water to choose a toilet over an available urinal.

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Rules of the Mens Room

Every other urinal once they are filled then you move on to the stalls after the stalls fill you may then fill in the open urinals. All of this is void if there are walls between the urinals. If that is the case then fill all urinals before proceeding on to using the stalls.

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alterego – that’s why Australia has the half flush! Most toilets have two flush buttons instead of just one, one button will “half flush” the toilet and the other does a “full flush”. Often only a half-flush is needed, though if neccessary you can half flush twice (two half flushes = one full flush), or just do one full flush. Good for saving water, especially in times of drought.

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My nice husband always pees sitting down now, but didn’t till he got older. He says things have gotten kind of slow, and it’s better to sit and wait for the last drops to drop.
It’s a neatness issue.

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